TSURURADIO’s growing! Pitch-what? Who-gum? & La La Land by Plants & Animals

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Hey!  What a team we are building here at TSURURADIO, eh?  First grafista and his Songs From Impending Leaks, then Peanut’s Playground, add in ari’s first itty interwebs post yesterday, and you have yet to experience our first post by Dorice coming soon if the good lard’s a-willin’ & the creeks don’t rise!

Holy crap!

Watch out Pitchfork & Stereogum, the little odd engine that could is about to run your asses over!  haha!

Bitches going DOWN! HAHA!

Why am I in such a good mood?  Oh man, because one of those albums from an artist I didn’t truly appreciate until much too long has finally showed up on the intertubal webbings!  La La Land by Plants & Animals has arrived!  WOOT!


Holy shit.

I made the mistake of reading the label blip before listening and it jibbered on about how this is a rock album, saying it’s “louder & tougher” and stuff.  Their last album was so full of yummy Canadian Indie-Prog Pop/Rock goodness, I suddenly was fearing amped up distorted something and as we discussed yesterday with MGMT, expectations and about-faces can be jarring!

Wel, I’m so so happy to report this is not some re-dubbed Led Zeppelin or something.  Yeah, there are flourishes of bluesy orchestra rock here and there, but there’s also my beloved prog in full swing in places as well — oh man, of note, the finale of “Celebration” which sounds like “Starship Trooper” by Yes! — and whaffs of David Bowie, such as “American Idol” which can almost be considered a modern day version of “Young Americans”, just without the sassy ladies singing in Bowie’s classic.

Is it rock, or “indie-rock”, yeah sure, but man it’s so so much more!  My, what, 8th time through now and you keep catching glimpses into the depth of this album.  It’s brilliant, cohesive, & just awesome.  Immediately leaping up into the “one of the best of year so far” category!

My only complaint?  The only one?  A complaint that isn’t even fair, that is my own problem and mine alone??  The lead-off track, “Tom Cruz”, the opening bass line is close enough to “Hurt Feelings” by Flight Of The Conchords.  No really, check it, push play on this LaLa embed.

Now.. go push play on “Tom Cruz” below.


It’s not the same, but it’s close enough that when the album starts over or starts up, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t think of premium rappers Jermaine and Brett.   It’s tough, but I’m working through it.

Okay, let’s get to it, but before we do, just because I had to listen to it, here’s the video for “Bye Bye Bye” (Plants & Animals, not N’Sync).

Ah… much better. Needed that. Okay, back onto the new album!


1. Tom Cruz
2. Swinging Bells
3. American Idol
4. Undone Melody
5. Kon Tiki
6. Game Shows
7. The Mama Papa
8. Fake It
9. Celebration
10. Future from the 80s
11. Jeans Jeans Jeans

Some Plants & Animals love: Myspace | Official | Label | Facebook | Twitter



5 comments for “TSURURADIO’s growing! Pitch-what? Who-gum? & La La Land by Plants & Animals

  1. arimyg
    March 23, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    hahahhahaa what a graphic!

  2. March 23, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    I think we can I think we can I think we can I BLAMO! KABOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

  3. March 24, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    I’ve always abhorred richdork.com! They’re just a step or two away from like, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, etc. in my book.

    Thanks for not being an evil ass! :P

  4. June 11, 2010 at 1:12 AM

    David Bowie has some really eccentric personality but i like his style of music. he is a good actor too.*`”

  5. July 15, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    when i hear about David Bowie, it reminds me of Vanilla Ice. ~”-

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