TSURUMAIL! Ezra Furman & The Harpoons on They Shoot Music

Share & share alike! I get lots of PR emails, why keep ‘em to myself? These are direct from my inbox to your ears, unedited & presented to you…  Yep, it’s time for…

Here is an offstage session with EZRA FURMAN & THE HARPOONS, filmed at Café Europa in Vienna, Austria in late January: http://www.theyshootmusic.com

the band played semi-acoustic versions of “Walking The Cow” (Daniel Johnston cover), “Weak Knees” and “Falling Apart” (a song by The Sleeptalkers, the band of Ezra’s guitarist Andrew).

we hope you like the videos. if you do, we are of course happy about links, embeds (possible from http://www.youtube.com/theyshootmusic), etc.

all the best from vienna,
michael @ TSMDT

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