Thanks NPR for She & Him, but now it’s time for Shady Retreat by Peasant

Photography by rinoatimber

I was going to try something a little different today.  After yesterday’s She & Him love fest, I saw on the twitters someone comment on how after Merge kept She & Him to themselves to protect the possible leak, they let NPR stream it thereby creating the leak!  Pretty funny.

So, I headed over to NPR to see what other potential leaks are there.  There was Gorillaz, Joanna Newsom, & Frightened Rabbits, all already leaked out and about and on various iPods throughout the world.  Thanks NPR!  But there was a new one up from the band Archie Bronson Outfit called Coconuts.

I loaded it up, ready to do some sort of live review either here on on twitter, but two songs in I’m just too annoyed to bother.  I think we’ll wait until a more “anticipated leak” shows up and we’ll do it then. Dear god, need to turn this off now.  One sec.

There…. that’s better.  That was rough.

But anyways, thanks again NPR for leaking out She & Him for us.  Baby & I love it and it’s been on repeat since we woke up yesterday morning.  I think my ice cream comparisons still hold!  But alas it’s time to move on and maybe it’s the sun shining outside and Spring back on my mind, but I feel like keeping the sweet pop goodness going and Shady Retreat by Peasant is filling the bill perfectly!


Once again, just like She & Him yesterday, Shady Retreat — it’s sad, but I keep typing “Shady Retweet”, instead of Shady Retreat, DAMN YOU INTERNET!!!!! — will not “challenge your notions of what defines pop music” or whatever, this is simple folk/indie/pop, light, fun, and lovely.  Sweet vocals (reminiscent to Loney Dear)  and smart & light acoustic-based melodies & harmonies float up and into yer brain like (you ready for this) the rising sun (yeah, I went there).  But yeah, seriously, this is sunrise/sunset music for a lovely Spring day and that’s exactly where my heart & head are at.

It’s funny, I see on the boards and twitters and facebooks and (insert social network here) some people question the need & room for another indie-folk-pop band, not against Peasant specifically, but in the “indie-as-genre” in general and to those people I say, “dude, what the fuck, man?  why you trying to “harsh my vibe” as the kids say?”  Look, good music is good music and there is no such thing as too much good music.  That’s like saying there’s such a thing as too much sweet lovins!!!  Does all sweet lovin-times have to be a progression into something challenging and abstract?  People who complain about having too many indie-folk-pop bands are people who ain’t getting laid enough.  The end.

Sorry for the distraction, that’s my brain.  So, load up this gem, grab yer sweetie, get nekkid, & let the Spring sun peer into the windows of your bedroom and…. Enjoy!

1. Thinking
2. The Distance
3. Well Alright
4. The End
5. Pry
6. Prescriptions
7. Into The Woods
8. Tough
9. Hard Times
10. Slow Down?

Some Peasant love: Myspace | Label



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