Breaking up & Jet Lag by Josiah Wolf (you know, from WHY?)…

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The Violent Femmes once sang, “breaking up, is easy to do” and maybe in a few cases that’s true, say, when she goes crazy & tries to run you over.  Not a difficult decision there, though even in that situation, getting your shit out of the house certainly won’t be easy.  Trust me, I know.

In fact, I’ll go on record to say that breaking up is hard to do.  It’s a necessity though, when a relationship is over, any relationship, and can’t be repaired or evolve into a new kind of relationship, sometimes you just got say “goodbye”.  Life’s too short to spend it in misery, eh?

Now, before you start wondering if I’m talking about Baby & I, ease up, we are stronger than ever, sickeningly so to many people (and to anyone who winds up in our company, I apologize.

Breaking up is important though.  We should all go through it at least once or thrice, it’s a great opportunity to “move forward”, “start fresh”, and “reconnect with & rediscover yourself”.  For the music lover, break ups are fantastic.  Some of the best albums ever have come out of the lonely misery of an artist!  Hell, my favourite Beck album, Sea Change, is miserable goodness!

Well, apparently Mr. Josiah Wolf (of WHY?) found himself at the end of an 11-year relationship.  Add in a move from California to the midwest, and suddenly we’ve got ourselves Jet Lag, a wonderfully intimate & beautiful autobiographical-feeling break-up album.

Even the cover art has a “yep, here’s me” thing going on.  Muscially, it’s folk/pop/etc-ish, really well crafted, lots of playing with timing, a few interesting layering bits, and what not, making it a really interesting listen on that alone.  But I think lyrically is where this album will carry it’s weight over the long haul.  There are lots of I’s and me’s and you really feel like he’s actually talking to you, spilling his guts for you.  Take the lyrics called out in the label write-up “I guess it’s goodbye now/Did I guess wrong?/’I guess it’s goodbye’/Is a broken man’s song.”  You feel it, he IS a broken man, this is his therapy session.

I don’t know, it’s sweet, sad, and highly visual.   For all you coming in for a side-WHY? thing, you may be disappointed.  Turn that shit out of your mind, and let Josiah get some thoughts & observations off his chest.  You’ll be thankful you did.

1. The Trailer And The Truck
2. Master Cleanse (California)
3. The Opposite Of Breathing
4. The New Car
5. Skull In The Ice
6. The Apart Meant
7. That Kind Of Man
8. Ohioho
9. Is The Body Hung
10. In The Seam
11. Gravity Defied
12. The One Sign

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    That’s the great article! I just pass ‘n read it, two thumbs up! ;)

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