It’s Friday Madness! tsuruloosies, Everyday Balloons by A Weather, AND Born And Thrown On A Hook by Drink Up Buttercup? Hot diggity dog!!!

Photography by symrnna

Well, howdy howdy!!! It’s Friday and I got lots to share & discuss! Excited? Me too!  First up, some local bits… This weekend in Columbus is Couchfire Collective’s A-HOLES!

That’s right Baby & the Crafty Cotillion, among many other artists & crafters, have built mini-putt-putt golf holes, some really fucked up awesome designs, that you drop a few bucks and try to play!  I won’t give much away about the holes, but I will say 3 “words” in relation to the Cottillion’s hole: Cupcakes, PBR, and Vaginas.

‘Nuff said, right?  I’ll see you there.

OKAY!  On to the music!  First up, our vaulted tsuruloosies!  Where we take a gander around the intertubal super infohighway of love and see what’s hot & what’s hyped and get ourselves up-to-speed with all you “cool kids”!   There’s a bunch out there I haven’t heard, so let’s get right to it…

Alright!  Here we go!  As always, we review tsuruloosies on a scale of 0 to 5 wheelies!  No… not this kind.

This kind…

You know, the actual “cool kind”!   This time via the bearded illustration of Mike Giant as I still have facial hair on my mind!

So, let’s pull up our front wheel and get our cat walk on!

Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round

Hmm….  kinda meh for me.

ARMS – Heat & Hot Water

Pretty cool, miss you Harlem Shakes, but if ARMS keeps this up, we’ll be okay.

Cults – Go Outside

Nice… nice…. I’m a sucker for a children’s chorus.

Dr. Dog – Stranger

Haven’t heard from these guys in a while, glad their back!  Missed U!  Song feels a little incomplete, but I get the feeling with the rest of the album around it, we’ll be allllright.

Holy Fuck – Latin America

Never “got” these guys…. still don’t.  Oh well.

Kisses – Bermuda


MGMT – Flash Delirium

Heard around the interwebs that people haven’t been in love with this?  I kinda like it!  It’s not “Kids” or whatever, but who cares.  If I wanted “Kids”, I’d listen to “Kids”, no?

Neon Indian – Sleep Paralysist

Ah, hot and hyped band indeed, part of that “chillwave” thing, right?  I don’t know, sounds like I already lived through this “movement” 20 years ago or something.  Meh, it’s all-ite.

Wye Oak – I Hope You Die

Love these guys, glad they are back… can’t wait to hear the rest!!!

WOOO!!! That was fun! And now that we are up to date on what’s hip & hyped, let’s move on to the two albums that have been competing for my love an attention the past few days! First up… Everyday Balloons by A Weather!


I really like this, and I think it’d be right up Baby’s alley as well.  Sweet male/female vocals, maybe a Swell Season kinda feel to it, just hushed & smart folk/pop.  Reflective, a bit introspective, but still fun, a nice balance.  We’ve featured “Winded” in a mixtape, but check out the lead-off track and between the two, you get a pretty good feel of where we are going here….

1. Third Of Life
2. Winded
3. Ducks In A Row
4. Seven Blankets
5. Midday Moon
6. Newfallen
7. No Big Hope
8. Fond
9. Happiness
10. Giant Stairs
11. Lay Me Down

A Weather love: Myspace | Official | Label

Ooo! Even got a little viddy vid for ya…

Ah! But like the post title says, we are not done, my friends!! Because  Born And Thrown On A Hook by Drink Up Buttercup has been all up in grill this week too, serving as quite the contrast to A Weather!


Really had no idea what to expect on this, saw words “indie” and “lo-fi” and whatnot, but what I got from it is a kinda-demented Sgt. Pepper thing!  It’s all over the place, rhythmically speaking, it’s quirky sing-alongs, ala that circusy style, and really, if you can handle the vocals, I think you’ll have one hell of a good time!


1. Seasickness Pills
2. Animate The Hangtime
3. Young Ladies
4. Doggy Head
5. Even Think
6. Gods and Gentlemen
7. Lovers Play Dead
8. Who Spilled The Beaker
9. Heavy Hand
10. Pink Sunshine
12. Sosey and Dosey
13. Mr. Pie Eyes
14. Maestro Monsiour

Buttercup love: Mypace | Official | Label

That’s it!  Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone!  Keep an eye out for, hopefully, another Peanut’s Playground soon and maybe even a new column by our latest edition Dorice!  AAAAAND (no promises), if I get a little time between bike rides & photoshoots & miniature golf, I’ll see if I can get a special vinyl-repost up in honour of a fallen icon.

Cheers everyone!  May all your winds be tailwinds!


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  1. grafista
    March 19, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    The tsuruloosies always make me laugh, I love your comments.

  2. March 19, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    haha! thanks graf!!!

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