Fun in the sun, back to the grind, and we hearken with Volume II by She & Him…

Photography “Florida Strawberry Festival” by Me!

WE’RE BACK!  Whee! Our little weekend down in Flo-Ri-Da was perfectly perfect, just what the good medicine man ordered.  Came in to a rainy Friday which caused a bit of detox and relaxation before the weather turned PERFECT, and I mean PERRRRRRFFFFFECT!  Seriously, in the 60s, breezy, & super sunny and, as you can see from the photo above, it was the last weekend for Florida Strawberry Festival!  Now, I’m not a huge “festival guy”, hell, SXSW sounds painful to me and I’m a music geek, but something about wandering around Florida’s most awesome collection of, uh, people with Baby, Mama & Sister Tsuru, and my young nephew was just too much.

There were strawberries (the reason for the season, but the Strawberry Shortcake was not nearly as good as I remember as a wee-lad)..

NOTE: Photos via TsuruBride’s & my Tumblr

There were rides (nearly got sick on a kiddie-ride, seriously), including one that simulates what it would be like to be a hamster in a ball on water…

There was carnie-food, caramel apples, funnel cakes, fried-everything, etc, etc

And, of course, there was the midway games where I, yes ME, won Baby her very first carnie-prize ever!   A cheap little Beanie-Baby-styled stuffed dog by hitting a balloon with a dart.  Novi got a goldfish by my mom getting a ping pong in a bowl, a goldfish that later that night their cat, who I call “Big Moosh” as it looks JUST LIKE a larger version of our cat Mushaboom, tried to eat.

There was arts, there was crafts…

(Made that all by myself!), and there was relaxation & good times…. it was perfect.

Then last night we fly back into 30/40s & misty rainy weather?  Ugh.  AND work??? Double Ugh.  Welcome back to O-H… I-O.  But that’s okay, because just as quick as the cold & wet hit us, so did we wake up to a big wallop of sunshine via the newly leaked via NPR full album stream web rip of Volume II by She & Him!!!


The word they give She & Him is “sun-soaked” and that’s a pretty good one, I’m sure 99% of the reviewers will us it, it feels right.  It feels sunny, for the most part, which, considering the weather we came home to, it just what we need to keep that March Florida feeling going, but to blanketly — is that a word? — call it sunny isn’t quite doing it justice.  The word that comes to mind for me is “hearken”, this is hearken pop.  Pop that hearkens back to by-gone eras, a time in, oh, I don’t know, late 70s, early 80s, when Dolly Parton & Charlie Rich were bringing various mixtures of pop + honky-tonk + R&B, but then you add in flavours and flourishes of girl-groups and you got She & Him. Volume II picks up just where Volume I left off and given the names of the albums, that’s exactly what it should be.  It’s comfort food, adorable & sweet & delicious comfort food, yes……  She & Him is ice cream.

So, while other may compare She & Him to the sun, I will compare them to that frozen treat on the sun-filled day. What am I talking about?  I have no idea.  This much I do know, M. Ward has inspired me…  See this photo?

And see him in their video for “In The Sun”?

Well, given that I’m just a few years from 40 and mustaches are still “in style”, I figured this may be my last chance to grow lip hair.  It will be an uncomfortable and patchy affair, and in the end, I’ll probably shave it all off before it gets a real chance to begin, but for now, the great facial hair growth experiment of 2010 has begun.  Expect photo updates for as long as I can keep it going soon.  Right now, I’m at just under a week of growth, so not much to report yet.

Where was we?  Oh yeah, She & Him.  My only complaint on this absolutely lovely album?  The opening track, “Theives”… guys, you REALLY should’ve ended the album on that one.  It’s bittersweet, it’s got grand finale feelings, and then “In The Sun” is the perfect lead-off track!  What were you guys thinking?????

Ah, oh well.  It’s not my album, so I shan’t complain.

Well, as random as this post is looking, and even with this weather, I’ll tell ya, it’s good to be back & it’s good to finally have She & Him, so let’s get listening, eh?


1 Thieves
2 In the Sun [ft. Tilly and the Wall]
3 Don’t Look Back
4 Ridin’ in My Car
5 Lingering Still
6 Me and You
7 Gonna Get Along Without You
8 Home
9 I’m Gonna Make It Better
10 Sing
11 Over It Over Again
12 Brand New Shoes
13 If You Can’t Sleep

Some She & Him love:  Myspace | Official | Merge



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  1. Rob
    March 16, 2010 at 9:32 PM

    I don’t care what anybody, including Zooey, says … Zooey is MY girlfriend! :)

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