What a weekend! WOOT! And Forever Banjo by Super Desserts!!!

Photography by badraggled

Howdy all!  I love that photo by badraggled.  Totally represents my normal impersonation of the ending of the weekend… at least for the first few hours.  But not this Monday…  Why, you ask?  I’ll tell ya.

First, what a weekend! It had pert-near everything!  Cycling (about 50 cold windy miles, oof!), arts, crafts, date night, and even sports?  Yeah, we don’t have TV so Sunday evening we sat in a shitty local bar and watched Canada take some GOOOOOOOOLD!!!  Haha!  We were the only 2 representing Canuckland in the place, though worrisome at first, everyone was quite nice (we could take ’em anyway, Baby’s a fighter).

Saturday night found us at two Couchfire Collective events, Touch Feely where Baby’s piece “NSFW” & my “Scratch-N-Sniff Sharpie Porn” were quite the “hit” (if you judge “hit” by number of tilted quizzical heads).  Then it was off to Art Makes Noise at Junctionview where we saw wonder music related art & a great local band Super Desserts (more on that in a sec), along with some night caps at Apropos.  Heavenly.

As if the normal Friday evening to Sunday night wasn’t enough, this morning, it was off to Columbus Alive where Baby got interviewed for their What Are You Wearing? weekly feature (should be up a week from Thursday)!  Hot diggity!  The only thing missing this weekend was a photoshoot that got pushed  back to this coming weekend.  C’est la vie!  You can’t have it all, eh?

Speaking of Columbus Alive… If I told you that the local band featured in this article (the same band we say on Saturday night) had 12 current members, 7 songwriters, & 3 arrangers, with an all-time membership of 25+ and up to 15 members at one show, what would you think?  “A hot mess”, right?  Well you’d be wrong.  DEAD wrong.  How dare you make such assumptions!  You wouldn’t want someone judging you like that, now would you?

Would you???

I didn’t think so.

haha….  Anywhosal doosal, at the show on Saturday it was Super Desserts that stole our hearts and won my moneys when I purchased the vinyl copy (and got a free CD too!) of their album Forever Banjo!

Oh my…  how to describe this.  No drums, lots of school choir singing, harmonizing, & whistling.  Adorable songs built around ukuleles, guitars, violins, a cello, sax, xylophone, etc, etc, etc, and various percussion instruments that probably saw some time being passed around your 3rd grade music class.

There’s a quirk about each song that is reminiscent of TSURURADIO fave Jonathan Richman (if Richman were actually, like, 12 people, about 1/3 of which female and used about 12 different instruments), they are short, super sweet, but intelligent.  I think this is called “Twee” but I never really got what “Twee” is supposed to be.  Meh, who cares, to me this is just brilliantly composed & arranged pop where if you listen and don’t sway your head side-to-side with a stupid cake-eating grin on your face, well, you may just be broke.

You know, I don’t normally get around to seeing enough local bands — and for that, to you Columbites out there, I apologize — so it was especially nice to stumble on these guys Saturday.  Thanks Super Desserts for capping off a wonderful night!

Really love the whole album, but for me “Ibiza” is my fave and Baby really was all over “I Only Love You Because You Can Play Guitar” (you trying to tell me something there baby?), so here’s those.

1. Ghost Song
2. Ibiza
3. Falling Out of Fashion
4. Gotta Lotta Sun
5.Let’s Get Depressed
6. Mama’s Circle
7. Yr Heart
8. Banjo Forever
9. On Sunday
10. I Only Love You Because You Can Play Guitar
11. Faster Tea
12. Comfort in His Lies
13. Jump Out of the Way
14. Funeral

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  1. March 2, 2010 at 2:57 AM

    Thanks for introducing to Super Desserts!

  2. badraggled
    January 14, 2011 at 6:59 AM


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