Congratulations Fang Island! You won SXSW! What are you going to do now??

Photography from Disney World by Baby & Me!  Get it?

Well, SXSW has come and gone.  This year was SXSW’s biggest draw yet as thousands upon thousands of bands, bloggers, industry folk, sponsors, and, well, regular people like you all went down to Austin, all my exes live in Texas!  Every one came out, saw hundreds of mini-concerts at hundreds of bars, houses, garages, basements, street corners, SUVs, dumpsters, etc, etc.  BUT, in all the ruckus, only one band can win the lottery, only one band can walk away with the golden ticket!

And who had the magical chocolate bar?  Who’s lucky numbered balls came through the wind-blown pipe????  FANG ISLAND!!!

Yep!  Fang Island…. Who I, apparently, completely missed and didn’t even know existed until I read this totally scientifical and mathematical — by scienticians! — analysis.  It looks like there may have been some close calls when bands like Neon Trees, Jonna Lee, The Antlers, GZA, and someone called XV (which probably got attention due to a bunch of drunklies thinking it was XX) made a play for “Most Popular” — NOTE: Most Popular does NOT equal “gained most fans”, whatever the hell that is, which went to an emo band named NeverShoutNever, oneword, whoevertheyare.

Photo via Billboard

But in the end, out of the 1,223,319 bands that showed up to play nine 40 minute sets at 4,000 blog parties, it was Fang Island that left Austin, TX with the biggest trophy.

Mmm… Cheerios.

So, who is Fang Island?  I went to my mainframe computer in my basement, logged on to my AOL account, did some Altavista searching and discovered they had an album out last year, a SELF-TITLED album with this adorable, yet slightly creep album art!


The band describes their own sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone” & anthemic and given how much I just LOVE to high-five…

And I never pass up a good anthem sing-along, I was suddenly super-excited super-DUPER-excited to see what I, a music geek, blogger, & SXSW-non-goer, was missing!  Would this be the modern version of Andrew WK?  Would this be Arcade Fire on PBR?  One can only guess, so I pushed play.

The answer is yes. Fang Island DOES sounds like a modern version of Andrew WK, an Arcade Fire on PBR, it’s that song from the Wild Things promos, but without any of that pestering “thinking stuff” to get in the way.  It’s all shallow emotion, college football rallies for hipsters, and you know what?  I like it!  It’s fucking fun!

Don’t believe me?  Watch this…

Stupid… STUPIDLY AWESOME that is!!! Need more proof?

You gettin’ this?

So congratulation Fang Island, enjoy your new found hype & buzz & what not, ride it, use it, shape it, make it hard, and give it a happy ending because in this day in age, it won’t last long!

1. Dreams Of Dreams
2. Careful Crossers
3. Daisy
4. Life Coach
5. Sideswiper
6. The Illinois
7. Treeton
8. Davy Crockett
9. Welcome Wagon
10. Dorian

Some Fang love! Myspace | Official | Label



2 comments for “Congratulations Fang Island! You won SXSW! What are you going to do now??

  1. March 24, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    Loved that first video…and the writing style of this whole post, too! Come to think of it, this whole design is pretty rad. Looks like you nailed it with WordPress.

  2. March 24, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    Thanks Jason!

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