Another mini-vacation but we make up for it with TRIPLE THURSDAY! I See the Sign by Sam Amidon, We Kill Computers by The Pack A.D., & Shame, Shame by Dr. Dog!! Holy Shit!

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Yep.  You read the title right, your boy Tsuru needs to head out for the weekend, this time, to Arizona, Mesa to be specific.  It’s going to be an amazing, though short, trip and I’m super excited.

No… c’mon now… shhh… don’t… don’t cry… shhh…  I’ll be back on Monday! I’ll be a sleepy-bear (my flight home lands in the wee-hours) but I’ll be here, bags on my eyes & bells on my balls!  And you know I’ll be all up on the Twitters & Facebookers all weekend long sharing any little adventures I may have!  So, you know, don’t cry.

Then when I get back, we’ll be head deep in our last week before our SUPER-AWESOME NO-FRILLS BIKE RIDE for BREAST CANCER on APRIL 3RD at THE PARK OF ROSES in COLUMBUS, OHIO!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Next week we’ll also have a better idea of the kinda weather we are looking at for the ride.  If the good lard’s a-willin’, and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll have ourselves a beautiful Spring morning.  If not, well, then you & I will need to put our HTFU faces on (HTFU = Harden The Fuck Up) and have a cold and/or wet blast anyway, eh?

Eh indeed.

Okay, before I go, I got you a little something to hold you over.  Yep… 3, that’s THREE, albums, a Triple Thursday if you will! Just for you!!!  Why?  Because I love you, silly pants.

Can I get a hot diggity!


That’s better!  Can I get a woot woot?


Can I get a Tsuru, you be one sexy mofo!


Well, two out of three ain’t bad!  Okay, with a busy day of wrapping shit up and prepping shit up and printing shit up and charging shit up and etc shit up (and, most importantly, sneaking in a little extra snuggle time with Baby), we are going to have to keep this a little short.  Short, but with heavy tongue action and lots of groping.

First up, I See The Sign by Ace Of Base Sam Amidon!


I think this guy usually gets the Psych Folk or Freak Folk or whatever label.  I don’t know.  To me, this is just folk taken to it’s logical progression, modern and ancient, i.e. timeless.  At times sweet & tender, other times challenging but always layered with an element of beauty, aka wow.

01. How Come That Blood
02. Way Go Lily
03. You Better Mind
04. I See the Sign
05. Johanna the Row-di
06. Pretty Fair Damsel
07. Kedron
08. Rain and Snow
09. Climbing High Mountains
10. Relief
11. Red

Some Sam Amidon love: Myspace | Official

Number two, periodically showing up on my iPod this week when I just needed something to kick me in the balls — lots of ball obsessions today already?  Oh my — is We Kill Computers by The Pack A.D.!


These ladies from Vancouver kick ass, plain & simple. I’m sure comparisons will be made to The White Stripes, and it’s pretty fair, the bluesy garage rock of distorted guitar + drums thing is hard to ignore, but jumping jesus on a stick, shoved up a twinkie, batter-dipped, and deep-fried this is fucking bad ass.

There’s nothing else you can say.

3. Crazy
4. 1880
5. Math, the stars
6. Big Anvil
7. Cobra Matte
8. B.C. is on Fire
9. They Know Me
10. K Stomp
11. Catch
12. The Slow Down
13. The Last Martian

The Pack A.D. link love: Myspace | Official

And finally, Shame, Shame by Dr. Dog made it’s way to the intertubal info love highway yesterday!  HOORAY!


Dr. Dog still brings the multiple sharing lead vocals, still brings some retro-inspired pop, and still fills my heart & ears with love and happiness, even if there is a darker tone to the words.  Dr. Dog is a guarantee, a no-brainer, a good time and Shame, Shame proves no different.  It feels a bit more mature (whatever the fuck that means), a bit more introspective, but also a bit more immediate.  Wonderful!

01. Stranger
02. Shadow People
03. Station
04. Unbearable Why
05. Where’d All The Time Go?
06. Later
07. I Only Wear Blue
08. Someday
09. Mirror, Mirror
10. Jackie Wants A Black Eye
11. Shame, Shame

Some Dr. Dog sweet love: Myspace | Official

That’s it!  BLAMO & Cheers!  See you Monday!  And until then… may all your winds be behind you.


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  1. March 28, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    love the sam amidon tunes. perfect for my mood today :)

    xo Alison

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