5 Days until our SUPER-AWESOME BIKE RIDE! And Come & Get It by Eli Paperboy Reed!


OH MY!  Weather is, so far, forecasted to be amazing!  I’ve got lots to do for final preparation this week but I hope to see you there!!!  * DETAILS ARE HERE *

Okay, 4 hour plane ride from beautiful Mesa landed at 1:45am this morning, got in bed by 2:45am, asleep sometime after 3am, and up at 6:30am.  Yeah I’m absolutely exhausted.  At first I thought I was going to have to make up for lost time but looking over at TSURURADIO, it appears that Peanut & Ari had you covered! So pardon me if I keep this one a little on the short side, but then again, some of you might prefer that!

Oh & hey!  Word on the street is that Dorice, our wonderful contributor out of Toronto is getting her machine back from the shop and should be posting her very first post for us soon!  So, until then, let’s cover an album that I honestly meant to discuss last week, the major label debut of Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s Come And Get It!


Eli keeps the old-timey soul & R&B grooving, in a way that would make Daptone Records proud, on his newest album. It’s good to see signing to the big boys didn’t take away any of his soul leanings.  Maybe they are hoping for a male-Amy Winehouse out of Eli, but, in my opinion, he’s more inline with the amazing Ms. Sharon Jones than everyone’s favourite crack-ho.

In fact…. what I wouldn’t give to Sharon & Eli tour together with the Dap-Kings, oh my, R&B heaven on a stick right there!

Look, Eli is doing what Sharon Jones is doing, taking the old, making it new, but remembering the old. Your modern “R&B” “bands” could learn alot from these two about exactly what IS soul, what IS R&B, but that’s an old argument and you would have better luck talking to a wall about acting more like a door.

Let’s let the kids have Usher and whoever else is out there, let’s keep Eli & Sharon to ourselves, eh?

Now, like I said, lucky Eli is rolling in the dough of a major label, so we are only going to share the song that they are sharing & giving away on their website, the closer “Explosion” (a blistering track sure to get your ass a-movin’).  So get ready to get yer explosion on then go buy the rest!

Me?  I’m going to bed ASAP….

1. Young Girl
2. Name Calling
3. Help Me
4. Pick a Number
5. Come and Get It
6. Just Like Me
7. Tell Me What I Wanna Hear
8. Time Will Tell
9. You Can Run On
10. I Found You Out
11. Pick Your Battles
12. Explosion

Go show Mr. Eli all your love:  Myspace | Official



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