4 Days To Go Until Our Epic Bike Ride!!! Plus a Hair Lip update & I Learned The Hard Way by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings!!!


Are you gonna ride with us???  The weather is shaping up to look good, the port-a-potties are at the park for your poopin’ and peein’ pleasure, the bike path from Park of Roses north is in fine workin’ order…  Things are looking JIIIIM DANDY!  All that’s left to do now is print, print, print maps and then ride!!!!  WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


Okay…quick update on The Great Hair Lip Experiment Of 2010, today Week III Phase II:

As you can see, we are getting some decent length around the chin & lipal regions, but not the thickness you usually see on, say, a hirsute entrepreneur.  The cheeks are staying in a unkempt trimmed state to build on the goatee effect.

I’m not sure how much longer the black caterpillar has though.  My kissability has gone down at LEAST 3 points and I’m feeling more and more like a prepubescent boy trying to grow facial hair every single day.  BUT…. this much I promise.  Before I eventually shave this bad boy off, I will shave it down to only a moustache and surely photograph it for your mocking pleasure!

Well, it’s gonna be a busy one today, add on that the surprisingly super rough 30 mile bike ride making me feel like a nap is in order at 10am, I think we best be getting to the music, eh?

Yesterday we were treated to NPR’s streaming of I Learned The Hard Way by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

And then, of course, about 5 minutes later we had the leak all over the intern — thanks NPR! — like cake on the face of a boy turning one.

Yeah, that was me yesterday…  And that will be me again when the LP I pre-ordered — with autograph & free 7″ & a donation to Doctors Without Borders?  hot diggity!!! — because you just KNOW that’s how the good lard is intendin’ for you to listen to this gem!!!

That’s right, my friends, Sharon Jones is back and once again she’s dripping soul, ooooozing soul, emitting soul like the light that shown down upon us from heaven more than ever before!  Yes, the “funk” seems to be fading a bit as Jones finds her groove more and more, and as much as I love her hard-hitting funkilicious fury, this is the Sharon Jones you pull close, hold tight, and make damn sure she knows she’s your only.

Damn sure.

The album’s lead-off track “The Game Gets Old” sets the tone for what you should expect.  Just pure soul & R&B the way it was meant to be.  Lyrically this is the wise Sharon, the strong Sharon, tired of her man messin’ with her heart, messin’ with her life, but then again, I guess by now we should know… that’s just Sharon.

The Dap-Kings sound as tight as ever, of course of course of course… but by now that should be a given.

Look… it’s Sharon Jones.  It’s the Dap-Kings.  Four albums in and really that’s all that needs to be said by now, don’t you think?  Me too.


1. The Game Gets Old
2. I Learned the Hard Way
3. Better Things
4. Give It Back
5. Money
6. The Reason
7. Window Shopping
8. She Ain’t a Child No More
9. I’ll Still Be True
10. Without a Heart
11. If You Call
12. Mama Don’t Like My Man

Some MS. Sharon Jones love: Myspace | Official | Label



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