3 Days To Go Until Our Epic Bike Ride!!!! And The Year Of The How-To Book by Eagle Seagull!!!


Bike’s getting a tune-up, new tires on her, the maps are printed with direction notes, ready to photocopy, photocopy, photocopy!  There’s a buzz in the air, the sun in the sky, and the temperatures in the 70s!  Who wants to help save some boobies???? WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


One thing.

I keep getting asked from people NOT in Columbus, OH where & how they can donate.  As much as I don’t like saying “no” to a donation to a good cause, the idea behind this is that you, me, billy down the street, any of us can do this.  You don’t need to wait for a Tour de Cure or Pelotonia or whatever to come to town!  You don’t need prizes, free food, Lance Armstrong, or a sponsor from VIV PROTEIN ENERGY BIG PENIS DRINKS.  Right now, you can grab 4 friends, go for a bike ride, jog, walk, skip, roller blade thing, or whatever the hell this thing is…

Each chip in a $20 spot, and BLAMO!  $100 bucks to your charity of choice!  It really is that easy.  So…. you want to help out on my ride?  Well, in 3 days, get up nice and early, grab a buddy or two or 50, hop on your bikes WHEREVER YOU ARE and go for a ride!  Then send a little check to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure group or really, any cause you want!



Okay, today’s little obsession just popped out on the intertubal highways of info love, like, yesterday or something.  We were a fan of their last one and somehow, someway, these bastards kinda jumped up the queue to my ears this morning!  I’m talking about The Year Of The How-To Book by Eagle Seagull!


According to their label, Eagle Seagull is now a “buzz band”.  Sweet & congrats, but buzz only last as long as you can keep it vibrating and considering it’s been, what, 3 or 4 years since their last full album (sorry EPs, you are not included), in the age of Vampire Weekends, an album a year, & viral videos, you’re gonna have to vibrate a little harder than that if you want to see the internet collectively orgasm.

Anywhosaldoosal… At TSURURADIO, buzz is just a four-letter word, as is word, and just, and four, huh.  We takes ’em as we gets ’em and we gots The Year Of The How-To Book in our ears right now.

Once again, Mr. Seagull have built melodic and somewhat catchy pop-rock, full of emotion & atmosphere, but not pulling into some faux-emo-whatever-whatever (don’t let the long song titles fool you), no, it’s got more inline with our friends at Arcade Fire than it does with that Evenescence (how the hell do you spell that) thing.  Ah, found it:


But no, these guys aren’t some AF knock-off either, some songs, like “The Boy With A Serpent In His Heart” dip into this almost 80’s Duran Duran flavour, appealing to my younger self, but with a bit more “gravitas” in the lyrics.  In the end, it’s just fun, no… not “fun”, hmm… what’s a good word?  I guess just “really really good” music!

And really, what else do you need?

Wait a sec… I can’t very well end the post with the last image being those E-VAN-Essence shoes can I?  Here’s a nice little band promo photo instead.

Ah… much better!

01. You’re The Reason Why I’m Afraid To Die
02. I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face
03. You Can’t Call Yourself A Secret
04. I Don’t Know If People Have Hated Me, But I Have Hated People
05. Ignorance Or Transcendence
06. The Year Of How To Book
07. The Boy With A Serpent In His Heart
08. 20,000 Light Years
09. We Moke Like Turtles Might
10. I Don’t Believe In Wars, But I Do Believe In Uniforms
11. The Coming Of The Plague
12. Thanks To Al

Ah! And looky! A little video from their last album!  “Photograph” that, appropriately enough, made it on to our photography-themed mixtape!  WOOT!

Eagle Seagull love: Myspace | Official | Label



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