What IS proper blogger twitter etiquette? And we also discuss Dear Companion by Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

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I’d like to pose a question to you about twitter etiquette…  So, like everyone’s twitter account I’m sure, my follower numbers fluctuate more than a flux capacitor… No big deal, tis life. But then today I realized a couple of the “bigger blogs” have stopped following me, one’s I thought I had built a report (“re-pore” that is, not sure of the sp?) with…

Now, that, in and of itself, doesn’t bother me too much, but it did get me thinking, as things like this tend to do.

What IS proper blogger twitter etiquette?

In my relatively short time being earnestly active on twitter I’ve come across a few “twitter-stereotypes”, if you will.  For example… Some tweet every. single. god. damn. nuance. of. their. life. I remember one music festival, it was probably SXSW, this one blog, one of the “big blogs” tweeted EVERYTHING.  That he’s standing around waiting for a band, that some famous dude just came in, that he was hungry, that he’s eating a hamburger, that he’s going to this bar, that he’s standing around waiting for a band, that he just saw some famous dude….. etc, etc, etc.

Other’s only tweet to pimp out their blog posts.  Nothing but “new posts” tweets. This was pretty much me when I first got on twitter.  It was tied into my facebook, so when I posted, I then tweeted, which then updated my status.  Yeah, my twitter had the personality of a egg-shell coloured wall in an empty manufactured suburban apartment.

Some seem truly interactive saying “good morning” and often asking questions, but when you answer, it falls on deaf ears.  The way I see it, if you ask a question and actually want someone to answer, maybe you should engage with that person.  If you have too many followers and they all “answer back”, well, maybe you should stop asking the questions then??

Some will flood you with automated blip/last.fm/hypem tweets. I love that you are loving a song and if I’m following you, I’m genuinely interested, but when it’s 9 songs in a couple minutes, well, unless they are 15 second hardcore songs, I’m going to be a bit dubious.  You know?

Some tweet ALL the time, but they are all “serious” tweets.  I followed Roger Ebert for about 5 hours and was hit with a ton of serious & very one-way tweets, like this retweet, “I play the strings into the fog. There is no joy there. This fills me with disquiet.”.  Lesson… When a serious persons’s followed to following ratio is 1,485 to 1, well, unless you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders in every thing you do, it might not be as awesome-O as you think.

Some tweet obscure things, a phenomenon that you see on Facebook too.  Updates like “No more.”  Huh? What? What happened?  Are you being abused?  Should I report this to the proper authorities???

Now look…   Like Mama and Baby always say, “to each their own”.  We are all different, one man’s tolerance level will drive another man insane. But what about you?

What do your favourite tweeting twitterers that you follow tweet about?

What about me?  Am I too much?   Too little?  Stupid?  Funny? Weird?  Asinine?  Too much annoying cycling or creepy photography, when you just want cool/hip music stuff?? Or D) all of the above?

Honestly, I have no idea.  I can only be me as, for better or for worse (more often than not I find it’s “for better” for me but “for worse” for most everyone else) and hope in our little online relationship you and I have built, it’s nothing but good times.

But look… You know and I both know I’m a odd man.  I’ve accepted it.  Odd, but harmless, I swear.  So, for those of you who have embraced me and continue to follow along,  I just want to say thank you.  You lost 10 “internet cool points” by doing so and on the intertubal superhighway, that’s a pretty big blow to your cred, but I truly do appreciate it.

Speaking of good times (two paragraphs up), well, maybe not “good times” as in “WHEEE!!!”  but more like “good times” as in, “damn that’s good music”, I’m loving the hell out of Dear Companion by Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore…

Singing & playing with the wisdom & sound of 90 year old Appalachian men, Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore bring something timeless and classic to this god-forsaken young decade.  I guess this would fall under the big alt-country umbrella (do they still call it that?), but really it’s just got a sense of old-timey country-folk, touched & accented with the occasional string or two.  It’s rocking chair on a porch in the summer music, it’s cooped up inside in the frozen winter music, it forces the world to slow down, slow to a twitter/facebook/tumblr/blog/forum/blip/foursquare/last.fm/social-network-free world, if only for the eleven tracks….

Thanks Ben & Daniel, I needed that.

1. Something, Somewhere, Sometime
2. My Wealth Comes to Me
3. Needn’t Say a Thing
4. Wilson Creek
5. Only a Song
6. Dear Companion
7. Flyrock Blues
8. Try
9. Flyrock #2
10. Sweet Marie
11. It Won’t Be Long

Some Ben & Daniel Linkage for ya: Myspace | Official | Label

Cheers & love,


8 comments for “What IS proper blogger twitter etiquette? And we also discuss Dear Companion by Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

  1. February 18, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    The word you’re looking for in the first paragraph is “rapport.”

    And, it used to be that we just tweeted when we posted on the blog, but we wanted to be more engaged with our readers if possible. Not everyone talks, but I think it’s important to be vocal – someone might pick up on something – even if it is random.

    You know, maybe someone LOVES hamburgers, and you’re hitting up Five Guys, and then you have an instant connection. They’re more likely to keep following, and to be engaged on other things as well.

    At least that’s what I think.

  2. tsuru
    February 18, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    I hear ya… That’s why I got to ask the question!

  3. February 18, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    I think you lost them with all of your geek chat about computers on twitter ;)

    This is actually a great topic but I don’t think you’re going to find an answer. There IS no proper etiquette. I’ve followed and unfollowed all of the tweeters you’ve described. Some people have a knack for tweeting out every detail of their life and not making it annoying. Don’t ask me how, but they do. So I’ll stick with them. But mostly if you’re doing that, I’m not following you.

    Just like music, it all comes down to personal taste. If you’re following 5,000 people and only have 20 followers, I assume you’re trying to whore something out and are phishing for followers. So no thanks.

    But I can go on and on. Keep up what you do. We all love you and your insanity. And in an odd way I feel I know you because you are just being yourself via you tweets and blog. Maybe those people who stopped following you just dislike you. TOUGH FOR THEM!

  4. February 18, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    thank you so much dirkler! Love following both you guys… I think you are right though, we maaaay have went a haaaair overboard on the geek tech talk! maybe we should go to gizmodo and join in their comment section???

  5. February 18, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    What someone is looking for when following someone else on Twitter clearly varies from person to person. Also, what someone is looking to convey with their Twitter account can also vary. Personally, I try to establish myself as a tastemaker, yet keeping my account personal still. I don’t pursue being a so-called “tastemaker” by trying to sound serious or like my opinion actually even matters, for me it’s about:
    • Having a voice. Even if it’s a subtle opinion or comment, knowing your take on what you’re linking, posting or retweeting makes your persona yours.
    • Balancing the worlds of snark & positivity. I have a terrible habit of just wanting to make fun of things. Sorry, but it’s true. I see or hear something completely ridiculous, I want to tweet about it and make fun of it until it’s dead. But that’s not what I want to convey, so I resist.
    • On that note, I keep in mind something I read on an article fairly recently about Twitter personas that’s stuck with me: go to your profile & read your last 20 tweets. Pretend you’ve never met yourself…would you want to? (If anyone can remind me where I read that, please post it.) It seems simple, but it really helps.
    • Interacting is important. Even just thanking someone for retweeting shows them that you are aware of their presence and immediately creates warm fuzzies.
    • Take queues from people who have done it. I look at certain friends of mine who I really believe have great Twitter personas: @wesleyverhoeve @themusicslut for example, I feel really have it down. I see the balance they keep between bringing interesting content to the surface, giving their point of view & interacting.

    In the end, it’s all about just putting something people want out there. For me, it’s music or art I enjoy, opinions I respect & a positive interaction and connection of people with the same interests. I am not a blog or a label or a company…but some day I will be…and when I am, I hope to bring all that is great about social media along for the ride!

    This is my take on it. Hope this helps!

  6. February 18, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Dont forget pandora. I like to tweet a pandora track every once in a while but I make an effort to not post-flood. I think of it like this, if would you say it to a room full of the people you respect/are friends with… tweet it.

  7. February 18, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    @jillian – that’s wonderful advice! Re-read my last tweets and I’m feeling like I’m okay!

    @bryon – oh man, if you only knew the things I tend to say in a room full of people I respect/are friends with…………… Actually, I think I tweeted some of it one night a week or so ago. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with horse bukkake.

  8. February 18, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    i am not really qualified to give you my opinion on this because although i have a twitter account and presumably have followers, i have never once used it–which makes me feel guilty, although apparently not quite guilty enough to start doing it!

    anyway, i just had to comment on how you said “But look… You know and I both know I’m a odd man. I’ve accepted it. Odd, but harmless, I swear.” that’s the kind of tweet i would be intrigued by and it’s exactly the persona you’ve created that makes your blog and facebook postings so enjoyable. so i say, keep it up, just like you are. beeeeee yourself! :)

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