TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Peanut’s Playground!!!

Good afternoon!  Feeling better, thanks, just relaxing, sleeping, watching South Park & Netflix, listening to music, barely moved from the couch except to get some food and now some coffee.  Anywhos… I’ve got some very exciting news for you!  A long while back, during the early years of TSURURADIO (oh my, what a different time that was, eh?) I became a fan and ultimately a friend of Peanut of Peanut’s Playground.  A fantastic blog out of The Netherlands he ran with a couple friends that exposed me to some wonderful music I might have otherwise not heard!

Running a music site can become overwhelming at times and with work & family & life in general ramping up, he pulled the plug on the Playground.  But from the hole left by the blog, a stronger friendship grew and now, what, 2 years later?  Maybe longer?  Peanut’s back!  Only, this time, we here at TSURURADIO were lucky enough to snag him!  Can I get a woot?


Can I get a woot followed by another woot?


That’s better…

So what does all this mean to you, our beloved readers?  It means, along with my usual jibber-jabber & grafista’s much loved songs from impending leaks, you now get the occasional column of musical ramblings by Peanut!  Meaning, more for you!  We now got you covered from the States/Canada, over to Germany, and up to The Netherlands!  Seriously, how awesome is that?

And what are we going to call this wonderful column?  Why Peanut’s Playground, of course!

His first post should be up tonight or tomorrow, so when you see it, please give him a hardy welcome and all your lovins!



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