TSURUTALES, The Brothers Grimm, and Say Us by Zeus!

Photography by manelidou

Man, the Grimm Brothers are some fucked up motherfuckers. As some of you know, I’m working on a new series of photographs, currently called TSURUTALES (yes, I know I need a better name for it, but it will due for now), where I’m retelling folktales, fairy tales, children’s stories, and even some lyrics.  One of the best parts of doing this is, not only all the creative arts & crafts times making the minimal costuming needed to tell the story, but the research into all the tales out there.  It’s unreal.  I’ve got 3 massive books and tons of intertubal searching and I’ve only barely touched the service.  Every culture has a million of their own stories about every damn thing possible. It’s truly amazing and fun.

WELL.  This weekend I’m shooting an odd little story by the Brother’s Grimm called The Little Donkey.

Here’s the gyst of it.  King & queen want a kid, but are having trouble.  God finally gives her a kid, but it comes out a donkey.  She doesn’t want anything to do with it, but the king raises it as a prince anyway.  He’s pretty happy, loves & plays music, etc, until he sees his reflection one day and realizes he’s a donkey and becomes pretty depressed.  He decides to wonder the world until he comes across a hot princess who, with a surprising bit of bravado, he winds convincing father to let him marry her.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Wedding night, time for sweet lovins, HE STRIPS OFF HIS DONKEY SKIN to show he’s a hot dude!  Princess, originally all kinds of freaked out, is not all hot and bothered and happy as a clam.  Guards see this, tell the king who, in his perviness, watches the next night, sees for himself and burns the skin.

Donkey man wakes up the next morning, sees the skin is gone, freaks out & decides he should leave, but the king says not to, that everything is cool now.  He lives happily ever after and when his father-in-law & dad die, he inherents both kingdoms & leads a “glorious life”.

The end.


Yeah, I know… Don’t you wish you could’ve been there when the story took the “skin off” direction?

“Okay… here’s what we do, we have him take off his skin and show he’s a hottie.”

“Duuuude… wha?”

“Yeah, you see, then she’ll fall in love with him!”

“But… if he was a person all this time, why not just be the person early on when he sees his reflection?”

“Fuck, I don’t know, who cares man, it’s like magic and shit.”

“Oh dude.. yeah!  Pass me more of that opium, bro!”

Or something along that lines.  Fucked up, eh?  Anyways, the shoot, if all goes well, should be a grieving queen and a dancing donkey!  Got the donkey mask, just need to make a crown and scepter this week.  So, keep an eye out on TSURUTALES for an update!!  WOOT!

By the way… you know, if you are in & about Columbus and like what I’m doing at TSURUTALES and want to retell a story with me, send me an email and let’s bounce some ideas back and forth!  After The Little Donkey, I’ve got the wicked witch from Wizard Of Oz, the swan from Ugly Duckling, and I’m even doing an Alice shoot (the movie, be damned) with a tea party in the woods.  But maybe you have your own childhood or folktale you think would be great.  Drop me a line!

Oh and speaking of arts & crafts, how about that Say Us by Arts & Crafts’ Zeus???

Oh c’mon, that was an EPIC segue and you know it!  I knew I was going to write on these guys the first time through the album late Friday I think.  This album is easy to love.  It’s got this late-Beatles/John Lennon-y thing going on and it’s a blast!  Really intelligent pop-rock with a big fat toe in the past.  My guess is that some people might cling on to the Beatles-thing a bit too much, taking away internet-points, but really, we are all a culmination of our experiences & environment, processed through our genetics, it’s not like they are covering “Come Together” for the 1,443,559th time, this is original music with a keenness for rock’s heritage and it’s fucking brilliant.  Retro AND original, a rare feat.

Yeah, yeah…  just listen and enjoy for yourself!

* I think you can stream the whole thing here! *

01 How Does It Feel?
02 Fever Of The Time
03 Kindergarten
04 The Renegade
05 Greater Times On The Wayside
06 The River By The Garden
07 You Gotta‘ Teller
08 I Know
09 Marching Through Your Head
10 The Sound Of You
11 Heavy On Me
12 At The Risk Of Repeating

Eh??  EH??  Pretty sweet.  Okay, go show Zeus some love: Myspace | Official | Arts & Crafts Records



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