Our big announcement yesterday, catching up on some tsuruloosies, & El Turista by Josh Rouse

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It’s Friday and a snow storm is a-comin’!  =o  Guess I’m pulling back out the snow bike this weekend, WOOT!  Speaking of cycling, how about our big announcement yesterday?  What?  You missed it?  Oh man…. well, if you are in or remotely near Columbus, OH, have access to a bicycle, guess what?  You have plans Saturday morning at 9am on April 3rd!

Awesome, right?  Actually… SUPER AWESOME!  Click on the flyer or HERE for details.  I hope you can make it, let’s raise some money for Breast Cancer, ride our bikes together, and have a BLAST!!!

Okay, it’s been a while and I’m starting to feel a little out of touch with the hyped up hopped up world of bloggable musica and you know me, I GOTTA keep my finger on the pulse on the neck of the music monster or something (not exactly how that phrase goes), though maybe a heart-rate monitor would do the trick.

Anyways — Ooo… the snow just started — how about we get reacquainted with what’s hot & what’s not with a couple tsuruloosies??   As always, I’ll keep any snarky comments to myself and just give you a rating.  This time, let’s mix it up a bit with a little Hope & Change, eh?  Each song has an opportunity to receive a maximum of 5 Obama Wheelies!

WHEEEEEEEE!  Here we go!

The Tallest Man On Earth – King Of Spain

Caribou – Odessa

Drive-by Truckers – This Fucking Job

Grizzly Bear – Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover)

Lali Puna – Remember

She & Him – In The Sun

Woo!  Fun, eh?  God, can’t WAIT for that She & Him album to leak!!!  I got my Fanboyism & Zooey crush set to KILL!  WOOT!  But for now, we got ourselves a little something different, though definitely on the lighter side of things with a new one from Josh Rouse, El Turista!

This is pretty sweet.  Though Roush purist may not love his new found adoption of Spain, listening to it in the vacuum of it’s own existence thanks to my musical amnesia to previous Roush albums, I gotta say… This is nice.  It’s escapist Spanish loungey fun.  Makes me want to order up a Mojito, actually pronounce the “J” as an “H” like you are supposed to (yes, I embarrass all my friends by giving Mojito a hard J.  Needless to say, we don’t go out for fajitas very often anymore), and just sit back, enjoy a hot & humid Florida day (takes me back) by the bay.

Confusing visuals, maybe, but who cares, just put on your guayabera shirt…

Load the album up, lean back, maybe light up a cigar — wait… when did El Turista become a Cuban album in my head? — and enjoy!

01. Bienvenido
02. Duerme
03. Lemon Tree
04. Sweet Elaine
05. Mesie Julian
06. I Will Live On Islands
07. Valencia
08. Cotton Eye Joe
09. Las Voces
10. Don’t Act Tough

Some Rouse lovins….

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3 comments for “Our big announcement yesterday, catching up on some tsuruloosies, & El Turista by Josh Rouse

  1. Neil
    February 5, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Only half an Obama wheelie for new Caribou? :(

    It was featured on January’s Cut The Crap Playlist… and it may not be world-changing, but I think it should at least get a full wheelie or two!

    Do you ever listen to Cut The Crap playlists? It’s some 17 year old Canadian kid with insanely good taste in music that puts out a list every month. Maybe more clubby/dancey than Tsuru taste, but still pretty damn genius any way you cut it! If you haven’t heard ’em, just google “cut the crap playlist” and you can torrent ’em.

  2. February 5, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    Yeah…….. just tooo too too dance-a-rific for me. I liked their last album (if I remember correctly), but this was just too “boring dance music”for me…. sorry.


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