It’s a TsuruNation Domination Celebration & Twofer Tuesday with jj n° 3 by jj AND Trespassers by Kashmir? Dang!

Photography “Olive – Motel Brat” by Me!

Okay, before we get on with today’s little obsession, got a little TsuruNation Domination Actuation Celebration news for ya.  Specifially, some TSURUFOTO updates!

First up, Zivity.  As of yesterday, I’m officially a published photographer on Zivity!  WHEE!  Why? Because my first set with Olive went live, baby!


It’s a fun set called “Olive, Motel Brat” where boredom and being a, well, brat get the best of Olive in a shitty neon motel just outside Columbus.  We are both really proud of it, so if you are on Zivity, go give Olive (and me) all your love by voting for it NOW!!!  We really, really appreciate it.

Second… as soon of you may have noticed from a few mixtape covers, I’ve been working on a new aesthetic in my photography (you can see on the mixtape cover  here), I even built a topsecret TSURUFOTOMATIC REFLEX 5000 apparatus to assist in the creation of these images! Well, with this new look, I’ve started a new series involving the retelling of folktales & children’s stories from any and every culture, as well as the occasional timeless lyric or two.  I’m absolutely in love with how well it’s coming, so much so, I’ve started a separate blog to chronicle my favourite image from each shoot called, appropriately enough, TSURUTALES!

So far, we’ve done Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, The Death Stone, my favourite lyric (currently on the front page), and a couple more.  Next up is a The Lady Of  Gollerus (a mermaid),  The Ugly Duckling, and then Alice InWonderland (Alice will have to wait until it warms up a bit).  So so excited!!!

Now, the site is NSFW, but the images are pretty distorted so unless you are really (really, really) sensitive to nude women, you should be fine.  Otherwise, go check it out, I would LOVE some feed back & criticism!

Last thing, kinda for shits & giggles, but what the hell, right?  I designed a t-shirt based on the question that seems to be on the tip of EVERYONE’S tongues these days…

HAHA!  Just a fun little design for all you crane addicts out there that I threw up on Zazzle.  Do I expect to sell any?  No clue, I think I get like a dollar or two for each sale, so that would go to hosting this site, but really it’s not about money, it’s about wearing it and receiving the odd looks as you walk down the street while people try to figure out what the hell your shirt is saying!  But YOU know what it’s saying, right?

I guess that’s it for TsuruNation domination now, but keep out for some new endeavours by Ms. TsuruBride soon!!

Man, exciting stuff, eh?  Almost as exciting as — are you ready for this segue — today’s Twofer Tuesday!!!  First up is the very Google un-friendly jj’s jj n° 3!

I think Secretly Canadian said that if n° 2 was the perfect summer album, n° 3 is the one for winter.  I tend to agree, it’s still very jj, but there’s something icy, snowy, covered in white about this one.  There’s no warm sounds of Africa savannahs this time around.  No, this time, you can almost see the air coming off her Swedish voice…

01 My Life
02 And Now
03 Let Go
04 Into the Light
05 Light
06 Voi Parlate, Io Gioco
07 Golden Virginia
08 You Know
09 I Know*
10 No Escapin’ This

*NOTE: I Know is on the LP version only.

Some JJ linkage? Not google friendly, but here’s the label links: Sincerely Yours & Secretly Canadian

It’s Twofer Tuesday, so you know we ain’t done yet!!  Because coming in right along side jj over there on the other side of the big blue, except this time coming out of Denmark,  is Trespassers by Kashmir!

Here’s how clueless I am…  According to Wiki, these guys have been around since 1991!  What?  That’s when I graduated fucking high school, and I never heard of them???  That’s just bananas on a stick, man.  It goes to show you, know matter how much you think you know music, there’s another band out there you’ve never heard of….

Now, these guys aren’t quirky dub whatever and from what I can tell by searching around, not a big “bloggable band”.  Huh.  Odd.  I love this, these guys are big sounds, something that can fill up a fucking arena and probably has for all I know.  Big sounds, big emotions, big climatic melodies and layers but without, amazingly, dropping in a giant slice of cheese. That alone is a pretty big feat.

Apparently they are major label (yikes) and I think “Mouthful Of Wasps” is their single, so let’s just stick with that, eh?  Yeah.

01 Mouthful Of Wasps
02 Intruder
03 Mantaray
04 Pallas Athena
05 Still Boy
06 Bewildered In The City
07 Pursuit Of Misery
08 Time Has Deserted Us
09 Danger Bear
10 The Indian (That Dwells In This Chest)

Some Kashmir linkage:  Myspace | Official | Shop

Ah and cool, a little video of them making the album cover?? Sweet! Thanks graf!


2 comments for “It’s a TsuruNation Domination Celebration & Twofer Tuesday with jj n° 3 by jj AND Trespassers by Kashmir? Dang!

  1. February 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Sounding like some stupid TV-commercial I know, but IF you like Trespassers, you are definitely going to enjoy the band’s three previous album releases (Balance Palace, Zitilites and Good Life).

  2. February 17, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    I keep hearing that Zitilites is amazing! I need to get on that STAT!

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