Happy Humpday with Big Echo by The Morning Benders!!! WOOT!

Photography by si Jovy

Happy humpday to ya there, buddy… How the heck is your week going?

Besides the snow causing a whole bunch of indoor riding (yeah, this week is a complete bust for outdoor riding, I’ve accepted it, baa), it ain’t going so bad!  Spirits are good, body is good, life is good, projects are moving forward, HOOOO!

And, of course, some wonderful new music makes life only that much better, am I right?  Yeah, I’m right, otherwise, why would you be here?  Not for my “stellar writing skills”, that’s for sure.  So what album has been gracing my ears, coating my brain with delicious nuggets of love & melodies???  Why it’s Big Echo by The Morning Benders….

Beautiful album cover, eh?  Now, we’ve been a fan of Morning Benders here on the TSURURADIO since we heard Talking Through Tin Cans in June of 08 (ah, so nice to have the search function work, yeah blogger, don’t miss you a bit).  Last time we noticed a child-like innocence about the music.  Well, this time around, and maybe partially due to the production of a few Grizzly Bears, their sound has elevated into the mature and almost, though more off into the background, ethereal, almost like a fog.  If I was a more illustrative writer I’d chock it to a foggy beach setting somehow.

The Morning Benders are just creating really beautiful and layered pop/rock here, and it’s exciting!  Hard to explain why as there are no obvious gimmicks going on, just wonderfully crafted music that seeps into your hoodie as you wander along the chilly morning shoreline…

1. Excuses
2. Promises
3. Wet Cement
4. Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)
5. Pleasure Sighs
6. Hand Me Downs
7. Mason Jar
8. All Day Daylight
9. Stitches
10. Sleeping In

Some Morning Bender link lovins:  Official | Myspace | Label



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