Twofer Thursday! LOVE. LIFE. UKULELE by Sophie Madeleine & Last Hero of the Western World by The Society Islands…

Photography by Christine Day Lorico

Man, did you hear about that iPad thing?  What a hot mess.  No multitasking? No flash? No USB?  Etc, etc, etc?  Ugh.  All that hoopla for a big ass iTouch.  Though, I found it very amusing that iTampon was trending higher than iPad or Apple Tablet or Steve Jobs yesterday.  lol.

Movin’ on…

I’ll tell you, I hope you like our new home because I’m quickly learning to love it!  Yeah, wordpress is a strange beast compared to blogger, but like all things, I’ll get used to it.

OH, to all our RSS subscribers out there (a surprisingly high number)… make sure you update your feed to:

Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on all the goodness you seem to enjoy!

Change is bad good!  Keeps the blood flowin’, keeps you on yer toes!  So, for today and tomorrow, I got some special goodness to break in the new digs.  For tomorrow, well, you are just going to have to tune in and see, but for today, it’s Thursday and that starts with “T” so how about we do us a twofer!?!??!

Uh, hell yeah!  WOOT WOOT!

First up, the adorable and super talented Sophie Madeleine and her latest LOVE. LIFE. UKULELE.!

First off.  Talk about indie hawtness?  Okay, okay, sorry, don’t mean to objectify her but dang.  She ain’t Canadian is she?  Okay, like I told you yesterday, I bought this gem on purty red vinyl Tuesday night…  I mean, look at this thing!

How can you NOT buy this?  Well, it came with the mp3 version of the album and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it since I loaded it into my iPad iTouch iPhone iToilet iPod!  Yeah, that’s it!

Okay… first song, “Take Your Love With Me”, you hear it, you think you just stumbled on the next adorable Apple commercial (man, sensing a theme today) or that awesome kindle ad, and maybe, being hardened and desensitized from the inundation from your TV, you roll your eyes and get ready to move on to the next album, but WHOA NELLY!  Hold yer horses man, ‘cuz “I Just Can’t Stop Myself” gets going and yeah, that adorable voice is still there (of course it is), but we got ourselves a genuine fully fleshed out song, with multiple instruments & harmonies & everything.

It continues on with “The Knittting Song” and on and on, and by the time the folky-esque “Hurry Locomotive” wraps up, you found you just listened to a lovely gorgeous album by an unbelievably talented songwriter.

And that’s a good thing, no?

1. Take Your Love With Me (The Ukulele Song)
2. I Just Can’t Stop Myself (From Writing Love Songs About You)
3. The Knitting Song
4. Who Will Buy?
5. Not Worth The Pieces
6. You Are My Favourite
7. One Kiss Too Many
8. When New Year Comes Around
9. Wave Goodbye
10.Hurry Locomotive

Some Sophie Madeleine Link Lovins…

Bandcamp | Myspace

But then we move over to a very different gem of an album that came to me via Marcy over at Lost In Your Inbox, The Society Islands with Last Hero Of The Western World!

Sorry, biggest photo I could find…

First of all, thanks for the heads up Marcy, never heard of these guys, and now I have and man, quite nice.  Reminds me of Pulp for some reason, and maybe a little David Bowie, and maybe, just maaaaybe a hint of a flavour of a waft of some prog?  Meh, probably just on crack.

The vocalist pours it on thick, but it feels right for the vibe these guys are giving off.  I’ve only given this a few goes but I’m loving it.  Sounds almost like it’s a concept album, but maybe a little more research and a few more listens will help me sort that out.  Concept album or not, it kinda feels like one, like there’s a story going on here.  Love it.

1. Last Hero of the Western World
2. Free Ride
3. 50,000 Gallons
4. The Feud
5. Fuck Bunny
6. Brother
7. In Cold Blood
8. Don’t Ya Rile ‘Em
9. No Place Home
10. Filing Cabinet

The Society Islands Link Love…

Facebook | Official

Nice.  So what do you think?  Our first “” post-post proper style??  Not bad, eh?  Not bad at all.  I think I’m going to like it here…

Remember, stay tuned tomorrow, got a special treat from Society member Nelso that I think you’ll be diggin’…..



3 comments for “Twofer Thursday! LOVE. LIFE. UKULELE by Sophie Madeleine & Last Hero of the Western World by The Society Islands…

  1. January 28, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    Um. Dear Ms. Sophie Madeleine is my new favorite. Good LORD it’s like she’s inside my head sorting out my thoughts into songs.

  2. January 28, 2010 at 4:49 PM

    Isn’t she adorably awesome!

  3. January 28, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    i love the pulp comparison to the society islands. i knew his voice reminded me of someone! i’m so glad you liked it. and thanks for the shout out, too. :)

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