TSURUFOTO is on fire! & Minor Love by Adam Green

Photography by Kelly Zak aka Pirate Penguin Freak

Man oh man…. TSURUFOTO is lit up! First, lots of you went over to Artist Wanted and have been voting for me (i.e. assigning a star rating to my self-portraits), and for that, I’m truly thankful!

Then, friend & fellow blogger Matt over at dysonsound bought a copy of INSTANT, a TSURUFOTO Presents… Photo Calendar!

I printed it, cut & assembled it, and shipped it today with 2 extra treats inside, a TSURUFOTO button & a little surprise! Thanks again Matt! I hope you like it…

*THIS JUST IN – holy crap, just sold another!!! Thanks Tim! I’ll get it together tonight!!!

Man, I’ll tell ya…. It may be cold & snowing outside (though I was able to ride in, woot!), TSURUFOTO is on fire!!


Speaking of fire, 2010 is already kicking some serious ass, eh? From Laura Viers to The High Wire to Electric Presidents and so on and so on, I mean, we are only 7 days officially in the new year and musically it’s been nothing but heaven on a stick!

Today it continues with a moldy peach in Adam Green and his newest effort, Minor Love.

Now, honestly, I’m no Adam Green expert. My experience with The Moldy Peaches is through “quirky” youth oriented movie soundtracks like Juno, so expectations were non-existent when I gave Minor Love a little spin today.

Apparently, Adam is quite the fatalist. I only know this because their record label told me. They also told me that, “He often contends that nothing lasts…that there is nothing to look forward to…and that “we are all living in a butcher shop” which Leonard Cohen told him while at a Bar-B-Que at Lou Reed’s house”.

Hmmm… A fatalist hanging out with Leonard Cohen at Lou Reeds house thinking that there is nothing to look forward to? Okay… Is Adam Green one of the South Park goths?

I guess I see a little resemblance… Just more fashionable dressed and less eye make-up.

Well, the personal “what’s the point in caring when all it brings is pain” life-point-of-view aside, the key words in that write up are Leonard Cohen & Lou Reed because listening, I’m hearing them all over the place! Now, that’s not an insult in any way, shape, or form, as it’s not some blatant rip-off or anything, you can just hear the aesthetic and genuine love for a couple of heros (don’t worry, I’m making all this up as I go, I have no idea if they guy thinks Cohen is a Canadian god or a creepy old man).

There’s an element of brevity in all the songs, even when he claims he can’t hear her crying in “Bathing Birds”, you almost want to whistle along as you glide along the sidewalk occasionally doing a little dance with a light post. It’s like a combination of a junkie shooting up in a crappy roach ridden New York apartment while watching Sesame Street.

Where am I going with this write up? No clue. But I know I like this and it’s time for my sorry ass to get better aquainted with a little Green back catalogue ASAP…

Enjoy the first few tracks then go buy the rest!

Adam Green – 01 Breaking Locks
Adam Green – 02 Give Them A Token
Adam Green – 03 Buddy Bradley

Ah, and looky here! A vid.

“Morning After Midnight”

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  1. Jade Leonard
    January 8, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this – thanks so much for sharing.

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