Shopping spree!!! And A Coming Of Age by Lucky Soul

Photography by Ayman

Okay, this is my first post created on wordpress.  If I’m moving to wordpress, I need to get practicing writing with it, right?  Publishing on blogger than copying it over to wordpress just ain’t working man.  At all.  So, here goes…

Did you see yesterday’s late quickie post?  Yeah, I bought it.  Came with the mp3 album and it’s quite nice.  Can’t WAIT to hear Ms. Sophie on that red vinyl!  Oh my!

Apparently, I was in a shopping mode because I also bought this from Don’t Orbit Me

She does these amazing wax drawings, something called “encaustic works”, which are just brilliant!  Only $15 and 4″ x 4″ will be perfect with our collection of smaller works in Baby’s “tsurubride factory”!


Ah, but you ain’t hear to read about my spending spree, are you?  You are probably all like, “hey T, where’s the music, man?”  That’s cool, because I got over my mini-Weezer obsession from yesterday and finally got Lucky Soul’s Coming Of Age back in my ears!!!

Sorry, can’t find proper album art.  It’s okay, we’ll make it…  maybe.

Anyways, for some reason, whenever I think of Lucky Soul, I think of girl groups, but looking at that photo, apparently I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Though musically, with all it’s quick pop & bop, and with all the femme-harmonies it shares a lot in common with the girl groups of yore.

I read the word “shimmering” about these guys and it’s rather apropo!  These guys would be shimmer-pop, everything has a certain glisten on it, like (okay, you ready for this?  Hell, I don’t even think I am) the sun shinning on the morning dew.

Yeah, that’s right, I went all Summer’s Eve on your asses!

Well, at least you don’t stink no mo’…

01 Woah Billy!
02 White Russian Doll
03 Up In Flames
04 Love 3
05 Upon Hilly Fields
06 A Coming Of Age
07 Warm Water
08 Aint Nothin’ Like A Shame
09 That’s When Trouble Begins
10 Southern Melancholy
11 Our Heart
12 Could It Be I Don’t Belong Anywhere

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