Moving on, moving forward & Magic Chairs by Efterklang

Photography Denmark 1 & 2 by kitleen

Man o’ man, busy day! So much going on, so many things in works, so excited about the potential of things to come!!! Hmmm… I’ll let you in on one, granted possibly not the most exciting bits but, Baby’s got a tumblr! We still got some work to do on getting her a fresh avatar for her twitter/etsy/tumblr pages and we DEFINITELY need to freshen up her Etsy banner, but man, moving forward, moving forward.

Speaking of, experimenting with a new banner, go ahead, roll your eyes upward…. What do you think? Still missing something, I know, but I’m working on it. Been getting the itch to update it and with all my itches (as Baby can attest) I have to scratch, at least a little bit (see all my other blog experiments, oh my).

But that’s not all! More, more, in works, details to come! Unless nothing comes of any of it, then we’ll just forget the whole thing ever happened.

We aren’t the only one “moving forward”, you know. Anyone who’s been following Denmark’s Efterklang (man, I need to look up how to spell that EVERYTIME I go to write it) knows they’ve taken a few steps forward with their latest release Magic Chairs.

Nice segue, eh? No, not Segway… Segue. Speaking of Segways though, I TOTALLY invented Segways before anyone was even thinking about the “it” machine that would “change the world”. Here’s a rendering from a like-minded individual on the intertubals…

Now, it did require a little extra balance, but because it was propelled more by a arm-jerking, core balancing action, you actual burned a few calories as you jerked along the hall about 3 feet every 10 seconds or so. UNLESS the floor was especially smooth, then whoa-nelly, a little running start and you can sliiiiiide for, hell, a good 10 feet before swerving off to the right and into the wall.

Good times.

But then someone came up with this.

Which resulted into this…

And then into this…

Which, being Americans, led, of course, into this…

While the whole time, since 1817 in fact, we’ve had this…

Huh. Go figure.

Well, I don’t imagine Efterkland (looked it up again) will be performing on Segways anytime soon, or even bicycles, as I don’t really it fits in with their overall aesthetic, which is part dreamy/icy Scandinavian near-prog, part just brilliant “otherworldly” pop-rock – good word, “otherworldly”. The more I hear from these guys, the more I’m loving them, each song is decidedly unique, yet undoubtedly Efterklang (looked up the spelling again, pathetic, eh?).

This time, they’ve evolved their sound a little bit, I want to say it’s a little more accessible, but that sounds like it might be “watered down” or something. It’s not. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Efterklang (yep, again, but getting better), pulling a Vampire Weekend and topping the charts, I just think they “new sound” they are mentioning in all their write-ups is just a little more, oh crap, I had the word and POOF it was gone. Hmmm… “upfront” maybe? Less buried, less “needs 20 listens to sink in”? Yeah… that works.

In the end, it’s a beautiful, lovely, and often gorgeous album. Here’s to moving forward!

01: Modern Drift
02: Alike
03: I Was Playing Drums
04: Raincoats
05: Harmonics
06: Full Moon
07: The Soft Beating
08: Scandinavian Love
09: Mirror Mirror
10: Natural Tune

Some klangin’ Link Love…
Myspace | Official | 4AD | Rumraket

Ah and check it, 4AD (who’s website is quite annoying to navigate) has some tour dates for you!

* 23 Voxhall, Aarhus
* 24 Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen

* 19 By Alarm Festival, Oslo
* 20 By Alarm Festival, Oslo

* 02 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia
* 03 Le Poisson Rouge, New York
* 04 T.T. The Bear’s Place, Boston
* 05 La Sala Rossa, Montreal
* 06 El Mocambo, Toronto
* 07 The Pike Room, Pontiac
* 08 Lincoln Theater, Raleigh
* 11 The Triple Door, Seatle
* 12 The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver
* 13 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
* 15 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
* 16 Spaceland, Los Angeles

* 20 Brighton Concorde, Brighton
* 21 Shepherds Bush Empire, London
* 22 Oxford 02 Academy, Oxford
* 23 Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
* 24 The Black Box, Belfast,
* 25 Whelans, Dublin 2
* 27 Metropolis, Montreal Quebec
* 28 Nouveau Casino, Paris
* 29 Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing
* 30 VIP, Nantes

* 01 centrifugeuse, PAU
* 02 LA 2, Barcelona

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