Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow & Die Stadt Muzikanten by Woodpigeon

Photography by Mirjan aka Rooze Photography

Snow, snow, snow! Dang! I like riding my bike in snow, it’s a lot of fun, but when it’s a slippery mess like the past two days of ice, snow, and slush, then you add in unbelievably stupid drivers out there (I’ve seen 2 accidents in two days on my commute and almost another today when some guy tried to gun it when a lane started to end), and well, outside of playing on the snow bike on the bike paths this weekend, I’m stuck indoors on trainers & spin cycles. Wheee.

Soon, my pet, soon….

Well, it may be a hot mess (okay, cold mess) outside, inside I’m all warm in toasty because I’ve got me some Canadian (Calgary, Albera specifically) orchestral pop with marshmallows to keep me warm because TSURURADIO favourites Woodpigeon are back with another album already called Die Stadt Muzikanten! Hot-diggity!

Correctly or incorrectly, I always think of them as the Canadian Sufjan, without all that Pesky “jesus” stuff, and I actually really like everything they put out! Oh snaps, Sufjan! Suck it!

As always, Woodpigeon delivers perfectly with intelligently composed songs, perfectly fleshed out carrying a wonderful balance of all the incredibly talented musicians and Hamilton’s own voice & guitar. Simply, it’s gorgeous. The progression with Die Stadt Muzikanten is that they don’t always seem as quiet as they normally do — who showed them where the amps are? — the volume’s been turned up a smidge, just enough to let your ears dig into it’s many nooks, crannies, and crevices, and man, dig they should! So good…



1. “Die Stadt Muzikanten”
2. “Woodpigeon vs. Eagleowl (Strength in Numbers)”
3. “Empty-Hall-Sing-Along”
4. “Morningside”
5. “My Denial In Argyle”
6. “Enchantée Janvier”
7. “Such A Lucky Girl”
8. “Unmissable Grey, Mixed Paint”
9. “Duck Duck Goose”
10. “Spirehouse”
11. “Redbeard”
12. “The Street Noise Gives You Away”
13. “…And as the Ship Went Down, You’d Never Looked Finer”
14. “The Pesky Druthers (Parts 1 & 2)”
15. “Our Love is as Tall as the Calgary Tower”

Some Woodpigeon Link Love…
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Ah, and they got some shows coming up, check ’em out!

Jan 16, 2010 Vancouver, BC Biltmore Cabaret
Jan 22, 2010 Calgary, AB Broken City
Jan 23, 2010 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall
Feb 10, 2010 Guelph, ON University Centre Courtyard
Feb 11, 2010 Toronto, ON The Drake
Feb 12, 2010 London, ON Aeolian Hall
Feb 15, 2010 Hamilton, ON The Casbah
Feb 16, 2010 Sudbury, ON The Townehouse
Feb 17, 2010 Kingston, ON The Mansion
Feb 18, 2010 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa
Feb 19, 2010 Quebec City, QC Le Cercle
Feb 21, 2010 Wakefield, QC The Blacksheep Inn

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