Is “Indie” Dead? by Rachel Maddux

Is “Indie” Dead by Rachel Maddux

Is “Indie” dead?  Good article, certainly worth you time to get through it all.   For the most part, yeah, “indie” as a title/genre/descriptor is dead I guess as it really has no meaning. But, I’m not sure if it’s dead-dead.  I think it moved, shifted, away from the givers, over to the receivers.  Bands, film makers, designers, etc, i.e. the givers, need to do what they need to do to make-it and survive in this ever-increasing commoditization of art, it is up to them to make their own decisions and maintain their own integrity, leaving us, the receivers, here to be the “indie” ones.

We have so many choices, so many routes & options, it’s up to us to dig in, find what’s right for our own “independent spirits” and celebrate it.

Otherwise, we’ll just repeat this again, except this time it won’t be called “hippie” or “punk” or “indie”, it will have a new name, let’s say “contrarian” (that sounds good enough, eh?  Contrary, going against the flow… sure, why not?).  Only a small people will get it, then a few more and it will grow and grow until your grandma is listening to that contrarian band you love!

And then we’ll ask, “Is ‘Contrarian’ Dead?”

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