I’m a sleepy bear, going to wordpress?, & Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight by The Go Find

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Oh my, I’m a sleepy bear today. After a wonderful and extraordinarily productive weekend of cycling & photography, we go to bed last night and sleep just won’t come. I wanted to ride in, especially with snow pending, wanted to beat it for one last road bike ride this week, but that would mean may 3 or 4 hours sleep and granted I don’t need/get THAT much sleep, I ain’t super man!

Coffee & more coffee, but man if the batch I got doesn’t taste like degreaser.


Okay, fortunately today’s gem, which has been circulating on my ipod for the past week or so, is hitting juuuust right for the sleepy place I’m in. BUT, before we get to that, got a little news-ish thing to share…

As some of you may have taken the time to notice, we are on blogger. It’s been an interesting experience, to say the least. Blogger has a history of deleting posts and, like in my good friend Rotch’s case, whole blogs. Granted, as far as I know, we’ve never had any deletions, BUT I do know that blogger has it set up where TSURURADIO won’t show up on certain searches has blocked Technorati and whatnot, SOOOOOOOO…….. for the past year probably, I’ve been backing up the site on my own server using wordpress. Just turn off the redirect to “blog.tsururadio.com” and work on it a bit, update the back-up, then turn redirect back on.

ANYWHOOSLE DOOSLE… to make a long story short (too late), I finally got the wordpress version looking pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, the importing of blogger posts don’t format perfect, but it’s readable! Check it out!

T S U R U R A D I O . c o m
aka NOT blog.tsururadio.com

What do you think? Not bad, eh? Pretty seamless? So, here’s what I’m going to do.

  1. Double Post: For the next week, all posts will go up on both sites to make sure I even like posting via wordpress. If Step 1 = thumbs up, go to Step 2.
  2. Set Up Aggregators to pull from the right feed. Once Step 2 is completed, go to Step 3.
  3. Turn on redirects to go to new tsururadio.com! HOORAY!

Well, that’s the plan anyway. Your feedback, commentude, suggestions, and whatnots will be greatly appreciated!

Okay, before I either a) fall asleep or b) kill someone for a good cup of coffee, we better get to The Go Find and this sleepy little gem, Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight!

I was having a hard time describing this one, it’s really just basic pop on it’s surface. It reminded Baby of Stars a little bit, which is a pretty good comparison to me too. I once heard Stars call themselves “lovers rock” in an interview a year or so ago, and I think that label fits pretty good here. Check out their label write-up:

“Imagine the sound of cereal hit by milk in the morning, only heard if you listen closely. A sound that is comforting and addictive. This kind of innocent image from a daily routine fits the music of The Go Find. It’s never offensive; it’s warm and soothing, but intriguing enough to grab your attention. Its beauty lies in small things.”

Romanticized a bit, eh? Exactly. Add in that the lead singer actually sounds a bit like Torquil and it all just kinda fits in place. This much I know, the “comforting” part of their sound is just what this tired boy needs right now.

Happy Monday everyone…. enjoy!

1 Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
2 Love Will Break Us Up
3 It’s Automatic
4 Neighbourhood
5 One Hundred Percent
6 Stay
7 Lottery Man
8 Cherry Pie
9 Running Mates
10 Just A Common Love
11 Heart Of Gold

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