Heart Of My Own by Basia Bulat

Photography by nic ålskar sverige

Friday…. phew! A snowy cold week it’s been, eh? Just a beautiful “hot mess” of snow, cold, and getting back into the post-holiday-time-off groove. Should be a fun weekend! Got a photoshoot on Sunday, expect to do some snow cycling on Saturday, and generally every non-work related activity I can think of! Maybe even launch some more prints in the store!

Got the perfect album to close out the week with too! Heart Of My Own by one of my favourite Canucks, Basia Bulat.

Such a good album. It’s almost like you take equal parts Emmy The Great and Great Lake Swimmers (thanks irishcornboy), then, of course, add in her gorgeous vibrato voice…. Oh my. Simply lovely.

The songs were written while on the road during her last tour throughout Canada, the US, and Europe and you can hear it. There’s something about traveling, a certain kind of isolation about it. It’s strange, you can be surrounded by a whole entourage of people, all work for & with you, yet feel completely alone. Add in being in the car, literally on the road, for hours on end, and there’s a level of introspection that’s bound to happen.

As kinda cliche & “movie-like” it is, I wonder how many lyrical masterpieces were written on the road? Not sure, but I’ll say it works wonderfully for Basia. So how about we get going on this, wrap up the week, and get our weekend ON!


1. “Go On”
2. “Run”
3. “Sugar and Spice”
4. “Gold Rush”
5. “Heart of My Own”
6. “Sparrow”
7. “If Only You”
8. “I’m Forgetting Everyone”
9. “The Shore”
10. “Once More, for the Dollhouse”
11. “Walk You Down”
12. “If It Rains”

Lots of Basia Love…
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Couple treats before we go.. A little vid!

And.. Some tour dates for ya!

Jan 16 – Toronto, ON Trinity Church (CD Pre-Release Show!)

Feb 2 – Kingston, ON – Sydenham Street United Church
Feb 4 – London, On – The Aeolian Performing Arts
Feb 5 – Orillia, ON – Highwayman Inn and Conference
Feb 6 – Guelph, ON Hillside Inside at Sleeman Ctr. w/ Final Fantasy, Bahamas
Feb 7 – Hamilton, ON – The Casbah
Feb 10 – Halifax, NS – St. Matthews United Church
Feb 12 – Montreal, QC – L’Astral
Feb 13 – Ottawa, ON – First Baptish Church
Feb 25 – Winnipeg, MB – West End Cultural Centre
Feb 27 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s

March 2 – Calgary, AB – Central United Church
March 3 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
March 5 – Vancouver, BC – St. James Hall

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