Happy Mondays to yas & A Chorus Of Storytellers by The Album Leaf

Photography by Jore

Allo, allo! Happy Mondays to yas! Hope you had a good weekend! Baby & I did. Cycling in the snow, in-laws in town as they passed through from Toronto down to Florida (of course) for the winter. Lots of artistic creativity as baby created, not only this adorable hedgehog, but also a pretty bad ass entry for the Junctionview Studios I heART show.

Speaking of art, you still have 3 days to go vote (via giving me as many stars as you feel generous enough to give) for me at the Artists Wanted self-portrait contest.

Go see me at my most narcissistic & egotistic!!! Your starring is much much appreciated!

Okay… not only was it a big “Tsuru & The Bride” weekend, it turned out to be a big weekend for leaks! Holy shit! It’s like someone just took a pick-axe to the entire musical intertubal super highway love system as Spoon, Shearwater, A Silver Mt. Zion, and today’s little obsession, The Album Leaf, ALL found their way out!!! Holy spring-rollee!!!

So, let’s get on with it because as we speak, A Chorus Of Storytellers is swimming in my ears!

What can I say about this album? It’s an ambient meets post-rock kinda thing, sure but I’m not sure what that says, seems kinda contradictory, no? When trying to describe it to my friends, I said it was lovely & epic & lovely. But what the hell is that? I guess what it all means is that it is at once pretty music, lovely while sitting about, but then before you know it, you get swept up in something kinda big, lush, and epic, before dropping back down into a beautiful instrumental piece.

So what is that? I don’t know… Just lovely & epic & lovely I guess.

1. Perro
2. Blank Pages
3. There Is a Wind
4. Within Dreams
5. Falling from the Sun
6. Stand Still
7. Summer Fog
8. Until the Last
9. We Are
10. Almost There
11. Tied Knots

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