Enter our twitter contest to win a 2009 record from my collection & we swoon for The Golden Archipelago by Shearwater!!!

Photography by Kera Leda

Oopah… I’m a tired bear. Rough sleep the past couple nights, plus the constant battle to find moments to ride a bicycle or bicycle-like device have made for a tired bear indeed! On the plus side, things are looking good for a genuine road bike ride this weekend as well as 3 photoshoots on Sunday! Oh my! Better get my sleep in while I can, eh??

Anyway and completely unrelated. I think it’s time we have a new contest…. But this time, instead of a photo or illustration contest, I’m thinking we do a Twitter “contest” or maybe it’s more of a competition, no it’s too random, uh, I guess whatever they call it when you just “enter a drawing”. Who cares what the call it, here’s how it’s going to go down!

*** EDIT ***

This has been hereby deemed, TSURURADIO’S TWITTAGIVEAWAY!!! WOOOOT!

  1. Sign up or sign in to Twitter.
  2. Follow me at http://www.twitter.com/tsururadio
  3. Tweet with the following two terms, “@tsururadio” and, hmm, let’s go with “#WinTsuruStuff
  4. On Monday January 18th I will randomly select one of the tweeters via pulling your Twitter Username out of a hat or something and BLAMO, that person wins their choice of either…..

My copy of Dragonslayer by Sunset Rubdown on vinyl!!! Or…

My copy of Elvis Perkins In Dearland’s self-titled gem on vinyl!!! Or…

If you don’t have and/or want a record, a brand spankin’ new, handmade INSTANT: A 2010 Photo Calendar by TSURUFOTO!!!!

Is this a blatant attempt to get more followers? Sure, a little. But it’s also an attempt to have the easiest contest we’ve had and for you and I to get to know each other a little better outside this bloggy blog we call home. And no… I get no Twitter moneys or anything out of it, it’s just a way for you and I to connect a little bit more and continue to grow this amazing community we have! So, whatcha waitin’ fer mah friends????


Great, so while you are tweeting and trying to win a prize, I got some yummy yum yum 2010 goodness to get on with, this time by way of The Golden Archipelago by Shearwater!

First off, dude in Shearwater, yeah you, the 2nd one from the left…

What is UP with that hair? That’s like uber-mullet… Mullet squared! The integral of a mullet as the limit approached infinite mulletude! Holy shit. What? His name is Thor? Well, I guess that makes sense or justifies it or something. Then I do a quick search and find this, uh, “solo photo” of him…

Oh my.

Warning! DO NOT CLICK THE IMAGE!!! This photo is huge, so unless you are a Thor-enthusiast & really want to try to see the sword behind the sword, I recommend we just move on.

Should’ve been named Conan.

Okay, moving on for real. On to the album, according to the write-ups out and about on the intertubals, Mr. Meiburg “turns his attention to life on islands – a world of lushness and austerity, silence and sudden cataclysms. From rising sea levels to displaced populations, Meiburg travels from the Falklands to Madgascar, from the Bikini Atoll to the Tierra Del Fuego”.

Wow. Intense, eh? Yeah, well with Shearwater that’s what you get. Dense intensity, like this is NOT the guy to be hanging out with on an easy peasy Saturday night looking for good times taking your loose $1s to the strip clubs! No, this is the guy to have deep & meaning conversations at the local coffee shop — do people still do that? or is it all PBR these days? — about life, meanings, & IMPORTANT STUFF.

In the end, the album is just beautiful. It’s a lot to digest, but when you get through it, you feel a little changed, like you gained some insight into something bigger than yourself. Pretty cool and worthy of many, many listens, maybe with a notepad handy.

Ah, and check this, apparently the first 10,000 CDs come packaged with a 50-page perfect-bound book of dossier of records, photos, regulations, and images on islands, displaced peoples, immigration records and more. Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s the “single” that’s out and about. Enjoy and go buy the rest, okay? See you on the twitters!

1. Meridian
2. Black Eyes
3. Landscape at Speed
4. Hidden Lakes
5. Corridors
6. God Made Me
7. Runners of the Sun
8. Castaways
9. An Insular Life
10. Uniforms
11. Missing Islands

Ooo… and check this out, a NPR 4 song set when they were out promoting their last album AND where you can see that uber-mullet in action!


Some Shearwater Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

And go see them on tour here & buy lots of swag!!!

Thu 18 Brussels, LS BE Botanique Rotonde
Fri 19 Paris, IS FR Le Nouveau Casino
Sun 21 Brighton, ON UK The Freebutt
Mon 22 Leeds, DS UK The Brudenell Social Club
Tue 23 Glasgow, OW UK Captains Rest
Thu 25 London, GB Scala
Fri 26 Diksmuid, ID BE 4AD
Sat 27 Hamburg, RG DE Knust
Sun 28 Berlin, IN DE Magnet Club

Tue 02 Munich, CH DE Rote Sonne
Wed 03 Geneva, VA CZ L?Usine (PTR)
Thu 04 Fribourg, RG CZ Nouveau Monde
Fri 05 Milan, AN IT La Casa 139
Sun 07 Barcelona, NA ES La (2) de Apolo
Mon 08 Madrid, ID ES Moby DIck

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