Do NOT read this post, you will lose 7 cool points (alternate title: A Maladoit re-appreciation post)…

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Today we were going to discuss the new Lucky Soul album because I like it, but it’s going to have to wait as I’m stuck on an old fave and as I do whenever I get stuck on this album, I feel compelled to talk about it. But before we do, a warning:

This post is NOT cool/hip/etc. In fact, enjoying the results of today’s post will make you less cool by at LEAST 7 points. So, proceed with caution. I will not be hurt or offended if you decide to leave for cooler pastures now. It’s completely understandable as you have a reputation to keep up!

I, on the other hand, do not. My reputation is that of the title of the album, a Maladroit.

First a little bit o’ history, how it is this album came to be blaring in my ears at a volume level of 11 once again… You can thank the social conduit that is twitter. Last night I see a tweet from friend/photographer/model Claudia and it kinda went from there.

cloudyah: The good life is out there somewhere.

To which my broken brain had me reply…

me: @cloudyah yep, Weezer’s Pinkerton. Good song, my song on some days….
cloudyah:@TSURURADIO Was actually quoting The Smiths :)
cloudyah:@TSURURADIO But to be fair, I love that album [Pinkerton].

Sorry followers, I’m prone to shouting out lyrics like that.

stephensunday: @TSURURADIO That album was their creative pinnacle, but we all know that. Still, it never fails to put me right back in high school.
me: @stephensunday yeah, though Blue & Pink are their best, Maladroit still remains one of, if not THE fave (watches followers unfollow in mass)

Turns out it was a slow night, so I think most followers may have missed that tweet (phew).

cloudyah:@TSURURADIO zomg. @stephensunday and I are going to pretend you didn’t just say that! :P
me: @cloudyah @stephensunday it takes a strong bold & odd man to admit a love for the Droit, and I’m two of those things most the time.

And the seed was planted. Suddenly I Lucky Soul was pushed to the way-side like a two-bit hooker for the three-bit hooker right behind her… Before I knew it the pounding drums and metalrific crunching guitars of “American Gigolo” were blaring in my ears.

…Oopah, just checked, lost a follower. Ha! Oh well.

Anyways, we’ve talked about “the Droit” before. According to the internettal cyber-super-duper system highways of love, 671 days ago we actually presented Maladroit on vinyl. Also, select songs from Maladroit have popped up on TSURURADIO a few other times in the form of Weezer mixtapes, like the one we presented 85 days ago. So, in many ways, this may be a rehash of things.

But so what? In this day and age of twitterin’ and whatnots, if it ain’t on the front page, it don’t exist baby!

Now, I know that Pinkerton & Blue own 99.99% of the hearts of the Weezer fans out there. I’m no fool, at least not a complete fool, but I think after Green and with all the fans having some kind of say on the demos of Maladroit, it was bound to disappoint. Weezer fans are an especially picky bunch, something I never understood why, in once since they want more Blue & Pinkerton, but in another since if you ask them, they’ll tell you that don’t want Blue II or Pinkerton II, there’s this magical place that harkens back to Blue & Pink but is not Blue or Pink that old school Weezer fans want.

In their head, I think it goes a little like this..

Green was okay, promising ideas, but bland.
Maladroit was “wtf, Rivers?”
Make Believe was outside the pandering to Top 40 kids, it had 1, maybe 2 good songs.
Red was “wait, Rivers isn’t singing… dear god, turn it off!”
Raditude was “no really Rivers, WHAT. THE. FUCK?”

Now, I’ve made the best I can of it all, grabbing all the Rivers songs to make a decent “Red” album, pretending like Raditude never existed, loving Green and the early pre-mixed version of Green that made it’s way on the internetals, but it was actually Maladroit that brought me back to Weezer.

After Pinkerton, Weezer seemed to disappear from my world view. I listened to both album (more to Blue than Pink, but not always), but as time moved on, I just quit paying attention. When I heard/saw “Hashpipe” on the radio/TV I was amused. What did cross-dressing hash lovers have to do with Sumo wrestlers?

No clue.

So, my life went on and I kept on doing my thing and listening to my thing, but then a friend of mine (the guy who introduced me to Social Distortion) gave me Maladroit to listen to… He had been enjoying it and thought I should give it a run.

The cover intrigued me, what was Weezer up to this time? I had no expectations except maybe some slight humour or irony in the music as after “Buddy Holly”, that’s kinda “their thing”.

I pushed play on the compact disc player (remember those things?), and the drums, the guitars, the “whoas” instead of “Ooos”, it was different. It was fast, fun, & faux-metalrific.


Songs about cheese on a burnt piece o’ lamb? Hell yeah! I’m in, but it was one song in particular that sold me for good, sealed the deal, made me hit repeat….

“Slob” (from the My Name Is Weezer mixtape)

It spills into itself like a life arena performance. The lyrics feel personal, the stress & pressure from family to lead a “real life” get married, get a regular job, stop fucking around, it’s time to be a man. 2nd verse, that bass… that mother fucking bass. Dear jesus on a stick. The words, more reminders that it’s time to grow up, and then, and I get goosebumps everytime, that guitar solo with the looping bass line BOO-BOO-BAH-BOOOO BOO-BOO-BAH-BOOO… Oh man. Then, as quickly as it soars up, it ends, rough, messy, like a bad fight before falling into the sweet riff of “Burndt Jamb”.

13 songs, each different, yet cohesive, ending with that sweet power chord strewn yet quite retro “December”. On the surface, it’s faux-metalrificosity keeps your head bouncing, your legs pedaling, and your face smiling, but underneath, I like to think you hear the real Rivers, all the self-doubt, introspection, and insecurities. Take “Dope Nose”.

Debt on my head
Wasting time on my own
Sleep, rescue me
Take me back to my home

Broke, feeling like this music thing is a waste of time (like in “Slob”), sleeping the days away, remembering back to easier & earlier times.

For the times that you wanna go and
Bust rhymes real slow
I’ll appear, slap you on the face, and
Enjoy the show

I actually see him looking in the mirror on this one, telling him to toughin the fuck up and get out there man, sing your songs, talk to the girl, whatever, do it.

Cheese smells so good
On a burnt piece of lamb
Fag of the year
Who could beat up your man

Again, themes of being broke, lamb with cheese is a fancy meal, at a fancy restaurant, he wishes he could be there, but then he pops in that self-doubt, that he’s a weak man, couldn’t even hold his own against anyone who came to take his woman away.

For the times that you wanna go and
Bust rhymes real slow
I’ll appear, slap you on the face, and
Enjoy the show
this dope nose

Then we repeat the pep talk. It’s up, down, up, down, serious issues with his self & his abilities. Most written in some form of tangent thought process. One line makes him think of the next so he goes with it. Sometimes seeming really confusing, but I like it!

I don’t know… maybe I’m over-thinking it, molding something crappy into something beautiful to my eyes & ears? Not sure. But, and I’m proud to admit it again and again, my name is Aaron aka Tsuru and…


1. “American Gigolo”
2. “Dope Nose”
3. “Keep Fishin'”
4. “Take Control”
5. “Death and Destruction”
6. “Slob”
7. “Burndt Jamb”
8. “Space Rock”
9. “Slave”
10. “Fall Together”
11. “Possibilities”
12. “Love Explosion”
13. “December”

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