And our TWITTAGIVEAWAY winner is……………………………. (and we talk about The Meat Of Life by Clem Snide)!

Photography of Claudia by Me at the Rome Motel.

Hello & happy Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Day!!! Did you get a dollar under your pillow too? In honour of the reason for the season, I took that dollar and bought me one of them delicious black & white cookies.

Mmm.. Mmm! Equality is scrumptious!!!

Well, in honour of the man, I went out for a windy, chilly, soggy, slightly foggy, and moderately epic solo 40 mile ride, and man am I a happy boy! Nothing like a hard ride to clear your mind, set you straight, and make you feel great!

But now it’s time to make someone else feel great as it’s time to determine our TWITTAGIVEAWAY winner!!!! First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to follow me and tweet that you wanted my stuff! Hopefully, you aren’t regretting the following, I’m not certain how followable my tweets really are… haha!

Anyways, here’s how we are going to do this. Below is a list of all the tweeters who entered the contest, each assigned a number.

  1. emmasilverblatt
  2. CallumScotty
  3. zchry
  4. conversecamus
  5. FidelityCastro
  6. turpentine
  7. star512
  8. MixItUps
  9. tporter12
  10. roselovec
  11. clarnivore
  12. Essayons75
  13. Digidreams
  14. AlexDelarge24
  15. Blueberryshoes
  16. TheFujio
  17. L2THB
  18. jharry2117
  19. luisfoodintake
  20. mwmusic80
  21. arimyg
  22. Maupertus

Next up, I’m going to, where you put in your minimum & maximum number, then it generates a truly random number! Easy peasy and COMPLETELY fair — I originally was going to have Baby pick a number, but then when we talked about it, we realized if I told her between 1 and 22, she would never pick #1 or #22, and that’s not fair now, is it??

Okay, I’m going to go click “Generate”…

And the winner is…

The person who gets to chose between…

My copy of Dragonslayer by Sunset Rubdown or…

My copy of Elvis Perkins In Dearland or, if they are not vinyl inclinedl…

A brand spankin’ new, handmade INSTANT: A 2010 Photo Calendar by TSURUFOTO is…

Oh my, the suspense is killing me!!!

What about you?

Okay, seriously, the winner is…

#12 Essayons75!!!!

Congratulations Essaysons75!!!! I’ll tweet ya and whatnot to see which prize you want and how best to get it to you! Congrats again and thank you to EVERYONE who entered! This was pretty fun & easy, eh? We’ll have to do this again real soon!

Now, before we go, I got to tell you about The Meat Of Life by Clem Snide…

I’ve been a fan of these guys for a long time but I assumed they were long & gone as Eef was doing his own thing and their last album was stuck in purgatory for 3 years but low & behold, The Meat Of Life is here and oh my. The album is simply “Clem Snide”, intimate, mostly acoustic, rarely but sometimes noisy, usually beautiful, and all wrapped up with Eef’s distinctive voice. TSURURADIO contributor and Society VIP Grafista put it perfectly & succinctly, “This album is so good … like meeting a good old friend and drinking & talking the whole night through.”

Honestly, there’s nothing else you can say except, did I use “succinctly” correctly? Probably not.


1. Walmart Parking Lot
2. Denise
3. The Meat of Life

mp3’s removed on request….

4. I Got High
5. Denver
6. Forgive Me Love
7. Stoney
8. BFF
9. Please
10. Song For Mary
11. With Nothing Much to Show of It
12. Anita


Some Clem Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

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2 comments for “And our TWITTAGIVEAWAY winner is……………………………. (and we talk about The Meat Of Life by Clem Snide)!

  1. D Crittenden
    January 18, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    The streams are cool but please remove the links to download the tracks ASAP.

    – Dan @ 429 Records

  2. Tsuru
    January 18, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    No problem Dan!

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