A shameless self-portrait self-promotion request & The Courage Of Others by Midlake

Photography “Self Portrate: Through The Brownie” by Me

If you’ll forgive me for one second, I have a shameless self-portrait self-promotion request to ask of you. I have uploaded & submitted my alarmingly narcissistic collection of self-portraits (like the one featured above) here for an Artists Wanted self-portrait competition.

I would be so so very grateful if you would take a moment to vote for me (hopefully with 5 stars, but be honest, if you hate it, you hate it, that’s cool).

To vote:


Thank you so much! I truly appreciate every vote!

Okay, enough of that… Time to move on as we are very excited to talk about this next album that got queued up over the holidays that keep seeming to go back to, Midlake’s latest The Courage Of Others!

I’ll be honest, first time through, I had a tough time with this. “Acts Of Man” is just so, so beautiful, almost devastatingly so, that how the other 10 tracks could follow an opener like that is beyond me. But this is an album, and well, unless “Acts Of Man” is 40 minutes long, something has to follow it!

So, “Winter Dies” starts the rest and eventually “In The Ground” finishes it. First and maybe 2nd time through, I was underwhelmed. It seemed “samey”, which is just a bad a death knell for an album as being “all over the place”. It seemed almost TOO focused, that when they said they “committed to 40-hour work weeks in order to move away from the last record’s ‘Fleetwood Mac-y America’ with a shift toward, at least in part, ‘British folk scene of late ’60s stuff.'” they kinda went whole hog and forgot to give each song it’s own life and flavour!

But of course, as all growers are, that’s on the first few cursory listens. I’ll admit, the variations on each song are more subtle than my snowed-in shortened attention span may always allow, but when my moment’s right and I’m allowed to sip and savour.

Late 60’s, early 70’s British folk “stuff” is also, in my head, pre-prog stuff. Think I’m a nut job? Listen to this…

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man (via truthaction.org)

Outside the Moog-enhanced psych-out at the end, tell me Midlake could cover that song today, plug it in between tracks two & three below, and you’d never know! Actually, the more I think about it.


You think they are listening? Probably not.

Anyways… go soak up this beautiful harmony coated quietly gorgeous gem of an album. Listen to it ten times and let it really get in there. I think it’s absolutely worth it.

01 Acts Of Man
02 Winter Dies
03 Small Mountain
04 Core Of Nature
05 Fortune
06 Rulers, Ruling All Things
07 Children Of The Grounds
08 Bring Down
09 The Horn
10 The Courage Of Others
11 In The Ground

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