We passed a 1,000 posts?, LAST DAY TO VOTE!!, our Slowcoustic.com post, and Odd Blood by Yeasayer… How’s that for a Friday?

See that deceptively & stealthily manipulated photo? Yep, apparently the other day we hit 1,000 posts! This post being (you guessed it) 1,003! WOOHOO!!! In faucet aerator terms, that’s makes us this one…

Not bad, not bad. Though there is something pretty cool looking about 1,004, so we’ll need to get a little video up or something later on. Anyways, I don’t know about you but I think that’s worthy of a slight round of applause?

Ah, thank you thank you….

Been a fun little trip so far! I like to thank God, of course, because with him, all things are possible, THANKS BIG G, and your boy Hay-Zoos, ya scruffy rapscallion, spitting image of your old man, because with him, all things are possible, oh, and my mom, because with her, all things are possible. Finally, I’d like to thank Baby, because with her, all things are possible…

BABY! We did it! We really did it!!!


Okay, where’s my trophy and prize money? Hello? Isn’t there a board of bloggers or something that supposed to send me a check??? No?

Oh well. Movin’ on.

This little bit goes out to all our community members out there in the cyberspace.

Note! Today is your LAST DAY TO VOTE (i.e. post your top 10 list) on your Most Awesomest Communaltastic (just made that up) albums of 2009!

Get yer list up and have your voice be heard, NOW!!!

I’ve got a sexy spreadsheet all built with all the list up so far tallied, it’s a close and very interesting top 17 or 21 or so! But these last few list will most like shake it up just a little bit more! Very exciting. Stay tuned next week for the list presentation with (as always) accompanying mixtape! Ooo… My ears are tingling already!

Next up on the agenda? Slowcoustic.

What? You haven’t clicked on them over in the “Our Lovins” section down in the sidebar? You’re missing out man! Slowcoustic.com is a wonderful Canadian music blog focusing on the, well, slower more acoustic music world that trickles its way up to Calgary.

Well, Sandy, who runs the show over there, has been doing a Blogger’s Best Of 2009, where various other bloggers post on Slowcoustic anything they want about this god-forsaken year and, well, mine is up today! Let’s just say, a bit of writer’s block and a mind that wanders along tangents may have just ruined any reputation Slowcoustic may have built up. Sorry about that Sandy.

Go check it out my post here, then come back here and laugh at me. It’s okay, I deserve it.

Well, as if all that above this isn’t enough, we got more as yesterday saw the official leaking of Odd Blood by Yeasayer….

We loved Yeasayer’s last album as well as their single “Ambling Alp”, hell, it even made it’s way in the mixtape that accompanied the Veronica Charnley of Flotilla interview! In case you need a refresher, here’s the cool, weird, retro-ish, and nude-enhanced music video

Pretty cool (or, as the dude in that movie Once says after being denied sex early on “Kew” (no “L”)). A little slow, the video, not the song, but made up for with all the nekkid folks (really, you can’t go wrong with nekkid folks in music videos).

Anyway, the album is a bit of a smorgasbord of sounds, from the downright eerie/creepy/gorgeous lead-off track “The Children” to the 80’s-esque “Madder Red” to the lovely “I Remember” and on and on. In fact, the glue is that 80’s kinda thing going on, like the old weirder-side of New Wave.

Very kew.

Really wonderful & eclectic mix and perfect for this beautiful cold & sunny Friday!

01 The Children
02 Ambling Alp
03 Madder Red
04 I Remember
05 ONE
06 Love Me Girl
07 Rome
08 Strange Reunions
09 Mondegreen
10 Grizelda

Link Love…
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Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be busy with our Society’s 2009 mixtape, I’m sure (as well as some photoshoots), so I’ll be seeing you on Monday!!!

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  1. Sound Verite
    December 12, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    I'm now looking forward to Odd Blood, thanks/yo

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