Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)… sarahla remembers Challengers by New Pornographers

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!! The “fond rememberings” do what the “best of the decade lists” fail to do, in my opinion. They bring something real & authentic to 10 years of music. I can’t possibly pretend to know how to begin making a list of 10, 20, 50 albums, let alone rank them, from the thousands and thousands of albums that came out over the past 10 years. The vast majority of which I never even heard!

So, instead, we continue on with our end of the decade series called clichely & probably often incorrectly “Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)“…

…where we eschew impossible decade compiling lists and have the wonderful members of our community think back to some of their favourite albums from this past decade and say as many (or few) words about it as they like. This time, sarahla remembers Challengers by New Pornographers… Take it away Sarah!

New Pornographers – Challengers (2007)

Another New Pornographers post, this one for Challengers. Also, I REALLY REALLY suck at writing, but this album means so much to me that I thought I would give it a try…

I discovered good music kind of late. Or early, I guess you could say, considering I was only 15 when Challengers came out. Anyway, I can say, without a doubt, that this album changed my life.

Before coming across this album, I didn’t really listen to much music outside of the crap which was playing on the radio. I had an ipod, but it was only 2 gigs, which wasn’t even close to being filled up. Then, one day, I received an itunes gift card as a Chanukah present and decided to make use of it. After randomly browsing around for a while, I discovered a band called The New Pornographers, and decided to download their newest album simply because I liked the band’s name. As soon as I started listening, my mind was completely blown. I had never heard anything like it before, and I fell completely in love every track on the album. In particular, I was infatuated with Dan Bejar’s voice, and went on to discover Destroyer, which is definitely still one of my favorite bands today.

Three years later, I am completely obsessed with music. The New Pornographers opened the door to a whole world of new music that I was unaware of, and for that I am forever indebted to them.

1. “My Rights Versus Yours”
2. “All the Old Showstoppers”
3. “Challengers”
4. “Myriad Harbour”
5. “All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth”
6. “Failsafe”
7. “Unguided”
8. “Entering White Cecilia”
9. “Go Places”
10. “Mutiny, I Promise You”
11. “Adventures in Solitude”
12. “The Spirit of Giving”

Some New Pornographer Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

Lovely…. If that’s sucking at writing, I don’t even want to think about how bad my writing is! Thank you so much Sarah! Another waxing to come later today, keep an eye!

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1 comment for “Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)… sarahla remembers Challengers by New Pornographers

  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2009 at 4:02 AM

    hey, i'm glad someone shares my opinion. i love the new pornographers and i'm not trying to offend anyone who thinks differently, but i'm glad someone likes challengers as much as i do. as all these end of the decade blog posts come out twin cinema is getting all the attention. it was a great album as well, but i think challengers was their best. (also twin cinema being their best carries the implication that they're going downhill)

    also i think all things considered, adventures in solitude is my favorite song of any artist or genre.

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