Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)… Lotrimo remembers The Dresden Dolls self-titled album

This is it! The last day to wax the aughts away!!! And my oh my, if I can pull this off, what a final day of waxing it will be, a virtual “grand finale” of fond rememberings!! So let’s get to it! Let’s continue on with our series called clichely & probably often incorrectly “Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)“…

…where we eschew impossible decade compiling lists and have the wonderful members of our community think back to some of their favourite albums from this past decade and say as many (or few) words about it as they like.
This time, lotrimo remembers The Dresden Dolls self-titled album from 2003…

Happy New Year everyone! Have a wonderful day, a wonderful evening, and a wonderful beginning of a brand spanking new year!!! Take it away lotrimo!

The Dresden Dolls – The Dresden Dolls (2003)

The glorious frisson of Amanda Palmer’s frenetic, percussive piano playing and Brian Viglione’s complimentary, metal-influenced drumming struck my musical world with the subtlety of an atom bomb in 2003. I was immediately enthralled with Palmer’s expressive alto which could hiss out a barely repressed rage (in the sprawling tell-off “Truce”), sneer in vindictive children’s rhymes (“Missed Me”), or deliver an anthemic pop chorus (“The Jeep Song.”) I listened to this album endlessly, learning the rapid-fire lyrics of “Girl Anachronism” while savouring its tongue-in-cheek delivery and warbling along to the giddy sadomasochism of “Bad Habit” — “and sappy songs about sex and cheating/ bland accounts of two lovers meeting/ make me want to give mankind a beating.” And their live shows were grand events of spectacle complete with gravity-defying acrobatic dancing girls and other delightful elements of burlesque. The Dolls dared to articulate a celebratory aesthetic, The Punk Cabaret, that I found both fascinating and welcoming, utterly joyous. Vital and vitalizing music & an essential part of the aughts for me.

1. “Good Day”
2. “Girl Anachronism”
3. “Missed Me”
4. “Half Jack”
5. “672”
6. “Coin-Operated Boy”
7. “Gravity”
8. “Bad Habit”
9. “The Perfect Fit”
10. “The Jeep Song”
11. “Slide”
12. “Truce”

Some Doll Link Love…
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BLAMO! Thanks lotrimo!!!! But, we ain’t done yet!!! More to come today!!! WOOOOO!

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