Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)… Lloyd Ffafnir remembers Mount Eerie by The Microphones

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!! The “fond rememberings” do what the “best of the decade lists” fail to do, in my opinion. They bring something real & authentic to 10 years of music. I can’t possibly pretend to know how to begin making a list of 10, 20, 50 albums, let alone rank them, from the thousands and thousands of albums that came out over the past 10 years. The vast majority of which I never even heard!

So, instead, we continue on with our end of the decade series called clichely & probably often incorrectly “Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)“…

…where we eschew impossible decade compiling lists and have the wonderful members of our communitythink back to some of their favourite albums from this past decade and say as many (or few) words about it as they like. This time, Lloyd Ffafnir remembers Mount Eerie by The Microphones… Take it away Lloyd!

The Microphones – Mount Eerie (2003)

I really don’t think I could possibly get any more poetic than the album that I’m trying to describe, but here goes:

A young man was born. And that was good. But then he saw Death’s ship on the shore and fled to Mount Eerie. At the base of this mountain he spent his childhood and grew up. And then, he set up to find… love? companionship? just any signs of life? on the unforgiving mountain. All the while, the mountain taunts him, and is annoyed by him. “Do you really think there’s anybody out there?” “What do you want?” And the man finds nothing.

So the man keeps climbing. And climbing. And he knows that Death has caught up with him. And he dies. And something happens. I don’t want to give away the end.

The Microphones’ Mount Eerie is an album, yes. But it’s also someone’s life, and where people say of some albums that the only thing bad about them is that there should be more of it, this album will be the longest 40 minutes of your life. And that is good.

1. “I. The Sun”
2. “II. Solar System”
3. “III. Universe”
4. “IV. Mt. Eerie”
5. “V. Universe”

Microphone Link Love…
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Just beautiful Lloyd, thank you so very much! As the aughts continue to wrap up, so will our waxing. Stayed tuned for more from the wonderful music geeks down in our community!

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