Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)… 245am remembers Let It Bloom by Black Lips & LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut…

We continue our little end of the decade series called clichely & probably often incorrectly “Waxing The Aughts (Poetically)”…

…where members of our community think back to some of their favourite albums from this past decade and say as many (or few) words about it as they like. This time, 245am remembers Let It Bloom by Black Lips & the self-titled debut by LCD Soundsystem… Take it away 245am!

Black Lips – Let It Bloom [2005]

The “real” beginnings of the only punk band of this decade that really mattered. Let It Bloom is a tight, fascinating drift through melody, substance, and slop. It marked the start of the line-up as we know them today with Ian St. Pe fitting perfectly within the dynamic of the sound.

Their only release with the phenomenal label, In The Red. Let It Bloom provides maniacal bounces from raw to clean, darkness to jive, rich to poor, and all the while never really defining whether they are a punk group or a pop one.

I personally put it ahead of Good, Bad, Not Evil strictly because of the quality of the material, the length of the LP, and the ability to surprise with each track after the next. The boundaries of production are well explored and some of their best tunes to date have come directly from this record. Nothing they have done before or since has compared (although they haven’t made a bad record yet). They definitely blossomed here.

1. “Sea of Blasphemy”
2. “Can’t Dance”
3. “Boomerang”
4. “Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah”
5. “Not a Problem”
6. “Gung Ho”
7. “Everybody’s Doin’ It”
8. “Feeling Gay”
9. “Take Me Home (Back to Boone)”
10. “Gentle Violence”
11. “She’s Gone”
12. “Fairy Stories”
13. “Dirty Hands”
14. “Workin'”
15. “Punk Slime”
16. “Empassant”

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For my second choice I want to go with The White Stripes so badly, but I can’t decide on which album is truly their peak from the past years, so I will shake things up and go with…..

LCD Soundsytem – LCD Soundsystem [2005]

Someone please give James Murphy a medal. For a debut album to be released as a two-disc monument of disco-revival and ground-breaking techno, house, dance, punk, post-punk, and possibly even krautrock, is a glorious accomplishment in itself. But even on top of that is the fact that the album is executed so mercilessly that it sometimes hurts to enjoy.

Upon hearing this record for the first time I almost didn’t know what to think. At it’s surface, it is pop music. Below the surface and in between the lines, it is a work of art. A purely stellar compilation of rough up-beat tracks almost always extending beyond five minutes, holding itself up on the fact that it is intended to be played as a club record. No electronic music from the 00’s has even come close to touching this album (maybe Sound Of Silver, maybe Witching Hour, but barely, barely.) Not forgetting to mention the blatant Pink Floyd influence in “Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up”. Who draws from Pink Floyd in disco?

I really can’t say enough about James Murphy’s debut, but I will throw in that it was basically self-released on an independent label he co-founded. I could go on and on. But I’ll stop here.

1. “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House”
2. “Too Much Love”
3. “Tribulations”
4. “Movement”
5. “Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up”
6. “On Repeat”
7. “Thrills”
8. “Disco Infiltrator”
9. “Great Release”

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245am’s Honorable Mentions:

The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
The Strokes – Is This It
Grizzly Bear – Yellow House
Arcade Fire – Funeral

Thank you so much 245am! Wonderful albums, wonderful waxing… You got something to wax-on wax-off? Give me a holler!!!

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