TSURURADIO Presents… The 35 Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009 Part I: The Opening Act Nos. 35 to 17 & Accompanying Mixtape!!!

Photography by Me!

With the pilgrimage complete and honourable mentions dutifully listed and out of the way, it is time to start the list proper-style. Today, No. 35 to No. 17, aka, The Opening Acts! I’m so excited! Are you?


Why 35? Why 17? Fair enough, question and we’ve probably got a lot of newcomers around, so let me quickly explain. Tomorrow’s mixtape fit the top 16 albums, so starting at No. 17 this mixtape fit up to No. 35. We don’t force a number, we let the mixtapes dictate how high we go! See… Easy peasy, right?

Now, before we begin, remember, this is a list of our 35 favourite, most awesomest, tsururific albums of this past year. Does it mean No. 17 is “better” than No. 18? No, of course not, I don’t believe there is such a thing in art, but it does mean that at the moment of this post’s publication, I do enjoy No. 17 more than No. 18. Come January, next week, or in a couple hours, I may change my mind, but if I waited around for it to be permanent, well, this post would’ve never got done!

Also, please forgive the little write-ups under each album, how many ways can you say you love an album? As an “amateur writer” at best, for me, definitely less than 35. Oof.

Soooooo…… without further adieu, shall we get on with it? HELL YEAH! Ladies & gentlemen, we here at TSURURADIO are very proud to bring to you

cue intro music, please!

(Hmmm, not exactly what I was hoping for in “intro music”, oh well)

The 35 Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009
Part I: The Opening Acts, Nos. 35 to 17!!!

Thank you, thank you!

It’s been a long yet fast road that led us to this moment, so let’s kick this bitch up to 80mph and bring it on home! First up? NUMBER THIRTY FIVE WITH…..

35. Julian Casablancas – Phrazes for the Young

Throwaway pop? Probably… but I’m hooked and can’t seemed to shake it! Just a fun album that grabs you by your ballsack right off the bat, forcing you to turn off the brain to and just enjoy!

34. Telekinesis – Telekinesis

Expertly crafted indie-pop/rock, simply delightful melodies & hooks, playing like your favourite indie-flick starring some soon-to-be-too-big-for-her-own-britches-when-she-lands-a-big-budget-flick-or-something adorable starlette.

33. Rock Plaza Central – …at the moment of our most needing

Maybe a little too literate for my ignorant ass to make it higher on the list, but it’s the kinda of album that, like a great novel, requires time, space, and a really great set of headphones.

32. Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Harmonies and surprises with every track keep this album fun & exciting & original with every spin!

31. The Postmarks – Memoirs At The End Of The World

Memoirs walks the lush & blurry line between 60’s/70’s foreign film soundtrack and, well, a soundtrack for some ethereal dream, both mixed in & held together with a touch of girl-group pop and suddenly you have an album that pulls you long, like a siren to the rocks, to your audio demise (but in a good way).

30. Freelance Whales – Weathervanes

Banjos and bits of electronica??? Huh? Hell yeah! Lots going on in every song, still finding little nuggets to love with every listen!!! Sweet melodies and an original take on pop. Very nice!

29. Gordon Gano & The Ryans – Under The Sun

GORDON’S BACK!!!! New music from Gano is like finding a long lost friend and realizing just how awesome they were in first place (see my buddy Chris)! The Ryans shove an electrode up Gordon’s ass, waking him up from such a long slumber that was the past 10+ years of Femmes-dom, bringing energy & vitality to his voice & melodies, something I once thought was dead inside, much like watching Gordon playing “Blister In The Sun” for the 1,434,519,332th time or like watching Melody perform (the stripper with 2 teeth down the street). Gordon, keep it coming man!

28. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Okay, I’m no fool. I’m certainly going to catch shit for Veckatimest only making No. 28 and not being top X or whatever. Is it a beautiful album? Yes. Do I really love it? Of course! It made our list didn’t it? BUT, BUT, BUT… it just didn’t connect quite as much as the 27 albums that are about to follow. Sorry. A beautiful album, sure to make many top 10s and a few number ones.

27. Chris Garneau – El Radio

Garneau, no apparent relation to Louis Garneau, stuns my brain with a beautiful & intimate & occasionally playful gem…. Love it.

26. As Tall As Lions – You Can’t Take It With You

Life is like an As Tall As Lions album… you never know what-cher-gonna-gee-ittt. HA! How’s that for topical? But seriously, each song surprises & amazes…. Not much else to say, need to listen to understand. Wait. That sounded kinda douchy. Sorry. But you know what I mean, right?

25. Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist

Portugal. The Man creates their most “accessible” record yet! Don’t you hate it when people write that shit? Yeah, me too. Look, PtM puts their large balls and swagger on full display creating a bad ass record worthy of the giant ass cadillac I want to play it in… Loud.

24. Girls – Album

Let’s do another music journalist type line, eh? Hyped up band delivers! lol. Fun stuff. Look, this is a great rock album with a couple big fat hairy toes dipped firmly in their influences. His voice takes a turn or two to get used to, but once you do, you are rewarded with some brilliantly written, slightly retro tunes!

23. Daniel Johnston – Is And Always Was

Lo-fi god gets the full production treatment thanks to some friends, amping up the lisp, sure, but also filling my brain with Johnston’s genius/nuttiness. From straight-forward rock to quirky little gems, something for the WHOLE FAMILY!

22. AC Newman – Get Guilty

Pop song master goes solo again, sounds like New Pornographers anyway (a good thing), and carves out (let me count) 12 perfectly pop tunes, just as you want/hope/expect from Mr. Newman.

21. Emmy the Great – First Love

Another one of those “too smart for my own good” kinda albums. There’s so much genius and beauty in this album, it nearly overwhelms me at times. Nods to Leonard Cohen and her wonderfully crafted songs led by her stunningly subtle voice kept me coming back to this album and using it for far too many mixtapes!

20. Foreign Born – Person To Person

Californians deliver dense pop, making Vampire Weekend look like Top 40 fodder. Okay, that wasn’t fair, I like Vampire Weekend fine, but there’s just so much depth and interest going on. It’s just… Meaty without ever making you feel like you are on the outside of an inside joke.

19. Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown

Just come-right-at-you and kick-you-in-your-ass rock/pop from lone Dinosaur Jr mate. Solid, bracing, & upfront are the rock components yet never leaving the melodic bounce of pop and even kinda dropping into folk-ish every now and then. Nothing “special” really, maybe, I don’t know, but it clearly stuck with me. Can’t quite explain, there’s just a certain amount of honesty and earnestness about it.

18. Heartless Bastards – The Mountain

Not much to say about this album. It’s just bad ass. From the awesome riffs to the unreal howling-esque vocals, this album is really just that…. a BAMF, a BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!

17. Royal Bangs – Let It Beep

Last of the opening acts, Royal Bangs with Let It Beep. Infectious in an ass-moving kinda way electro-rock that goes up, down, left, right, all over the god damn place yet it works and I love it. Definitely one of my favourite get-my-ass moving albums of the year, put this on when ever I need a kick in the ass.

Oh no! We’re done for the day! But don’t be sad, 1) we got Nos. 16 to our Album Of The Year tomorrow and 2) we got an accompanying mixtape for today’s opening acts!!!


Here’s the deal. We took a song from each album above, mixed them all together, and built today’s feature, easy peasy, fun for everyone. So, here’s what you got to do, grab the mixtape, turn it on, LOUD, listen to it, find the songs you love, then head on over to your local record shop and buy the albums, okay? Good.

Well, we’ve talked enough for today, so let’s get to the music as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents…
The 35 Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009 Mixtape!!! Part I: The Opening Acts Nos. 35 to 17
(Full Zip)


01 Foreign Born – That Old Sun
02 Royal Bangs – Maniverse
03 AC Newman – All Of My Days And All Of My Days Off
04 Freelance Whales – Hannah
05 Julian Casablancas – Tourist
06 Portugal. the Man – Work All Day
07 Telekinesis – Great Lakes
08 Local Natives – Sun Hands
09 Girls – Laura
10 Emmy The Great – We Almost Had A Baby
11 Rock Plaza Central – Them That Are Good And Them That Are Bad
12 Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
13 Chris Garneau – Dirty Night Clowns
14 Gordon Gano And The Ryans – Ohola Oholibah
15 Lou Barlow – Too Much Freedom
16 Daniel Johnston – Queenie The Doggie
17 The Postmarks – My Lucky Charm
18 As Tall As Lions – Sixes Sevens
19 Heartless Bastards – Sway


Tomorrow we’ll start back up at No. 16 and will finally announce our Most Awesomest Tsururific Album Of 2009, then top it all of with another accompanying mixtape!!! So make sure you make your way back through internetland by then. Until then….

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5 comments for “TSURURADIO Presents… The 35 Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009 Part I: The Opening Act Nos. 35 to 17 & Accompanying Mixtape!!!

  1. abby
    December 2, 2009 at 3:05 PM

    Ahh…Rock Plaza Central. Lovely choice. One of the more noteworthy supporting bands I saw this autumn. The kind of musicians who are chatty and mingle with the locals in the audience after performing, inadvertently introduced me to the beauty of Nanalan' and, in my humble opinion, *truly* brought Sexy Back. Gold stars all around.

  2. Tsuru
    December 2, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    abby! LOVED that cover….. I'm bringin' sexy baACK! haha! I wish I could see them live, love the album, wish I gave it more time, the time it deserves….


  3. ingrid
    December 2, 2009 at 9:56 PM

    that telekinesis record fell short for me. if every song was as awesome as coast of caroline the record would have been top notch, as is, it pretty much lost momentum after song 2. that heartless bastards record was disappointing too. lyrically, it just doesn't compare to stairs and elevators or all this time. the ac newman suffered from a lack of knowing when to end a song…but that seems to be newmans way. every song could have afforded to scrape a minute off it. the palace at 4am, good stuff. grizzly bear…veckatimest was a hard swallow. it has its moments, and no one can say the songs aren't solid, but, i just prefer the charm of horn of plenty. lists, too difficult to tackle.

  4. abby
    December 2, 2009 at 10:07 PM

    smile, ingrid. your post reads awfully sad. you can bake bread m'lady. something to shine about.

  5. Tsuru
    December 3, 2009 at 6:32 AM

    Hi Ingrid, thanks for the comments… that's music for ya, eh? Hopefully you and I will have better luck being on the same page come todays final 16!


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