TSURURADIO Presents… Our Button Illustration Contest Winner & Our Holiday Quasi-Tradition: Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics

Photography by me…

Merry fucking christmaaaaaaaaaaaas toooooo yoooou!

Just because the rest of the world wants to shut down doesn’t mean we are, WOOT! As we here at TSURURADIO have two presents for you! One, we announce the winners of our Button Illustration Contest and two, we present, what has become a sort of tradition here, the best holiday album ever created.

Not too bad, eh?

Eh indeed.

First up, the Button Illustration Contest Winner!! Yay!!! Didn’t have a crazy number of entries this time, good thing too, because the entries were so wonderful, I honestly had a hard enough time picking from what we DID get!

Going to do something a little different. Because the two winning buttons are to replace the Vinyl & Interview buttons over on the right there and need to be 100 x 100 pixels, I went ahead and shrunk everything down before reviewing. All shrunk down, let’s take a look at what we got!

First up is Nelso and his vinyl button submit.

Very cool, reminded me of one of my old record players back when I was a kid! Loved it!

Next up is Walzac’s Interview button.

Pretty bad ass, eh? Loved all the dark space, like I’m interviewing someone under a hard light in a dark room, tape running. I’ll admit, my questioning can be a bit interrogative at times, but it’s all under a lovingly warm & bright light!

Then there was our Community VIP and “HBIC” (though she’s not a “bitch” by any stretch of the imagination), MixItUps wonderful handrawn entry for the vinyl button.

I’ll be honest, we got this button in full sized card form from MixItUp, so I’m especially fond of it, in fact, I’m now quite possessive of it! IT’S MINE! STAY AWAY! HAHA!!!

Then there’s new member Brian’s entries!

Very cool, man! If only we could see the full Canadian Tuxedo going on in the Interview button. I found this one of some dude named Rob.. It’ll have to do.

If only we could ALL pull off the Canadian Tux like Rob there, I believed there would be no more war.

Next up is Ben from the Twitters! I got to give Ben extra points for incorporating the crane! Considering it’s named “Tsuruviews”, I may have to use this for any “opinion pieces” feel inclined to lay down!

But alas, only two buttons could win…

Recently, I was called “vain” by someone (granted that person doesn’t like me already, but still, I’ve never been considered vain in any way in the past, so it kinda stuck in my head). Though I do play up acting like “I’m the shit” at times, it’s all in good fun after a number of years of self-image & confidence issues. But, have I gone too far? Have I crossed the line from joshing & exaggerating for fun and humour to actually being “vain”?

Maybe because the runner-up & the winner of a TSURUFOTO print of their chosing (preferably one I already have printed up, lol), is…….

Patrick & his hand drawn portrait of me in a rather snazzy Wes Anderson style newsman suit and microphone!! WOOHOO! Want to see it in it’s full glory?

Who’s a sexy motherfucker??? A VAIN sexy motherfucker that is!!! HA! He even got my chronic scruff (it’s not that I can grow a beard, I really can’t. It’s just that my hair is individually thick and dark, I shave with like a 1,000 blade razor and yet, there it is). Congratulation Patrick!!! Kick ass man! I’ll pop you an email and we’ll figure out the print…

And then our winner, I loved his interview button, but it was his vinyl button that snapped, crackled, and popped it’s way into my heart. The winner of the grand prize, the Clinton Reno print is…..

WALZAC and his wind ’em up old phonograph! It’s even got labeling to help you figure out what’s what! Check out the full sized image & get learned a bit!

Got a nice In The Aeroplane Over The Sea kinda feel that I just loved so much. Gonna have to rip a little acetate one day, eh?

Guess what Walzac, you win a 11 x 17 print of an original work by Clinton Reno of his Octopus riding a scooter on the ocean!!!

HOORAY & Congratulations!!!

Thank you sooo much everyone for participating. We’ll have to get another fun contest going after the holidays when everyone’s back on line and ready to get the new year a-goin’!

Alright, before we go and get drunk on egg nog and cuban sandwiches. It’s time for our a little xmas cheer and just like in previous years, there is only one album I know that a) actually DOES put me in a “christmas mood” and b) makes me laugh and smile every single time I listen to it. Yep, Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics by the good folks at South Park.

It really IS the best holiday album ever. So, while you are opening your presents my dear Christians, agnostics, and secular-but-exchange-gifts-anyways friends, or while my beloved Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and other non-xmas celebrating friends hopefully just enjoy a nice day off, it’s time to go to the bathroom and make your own christmas poo, your own Mr. Hankey as…

Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics!!!

Happy holidays everyone! Talk to you soon!!!

01 – Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo
02 – Merry Fucking Christmas
03 – O Holy Night
04 – Dead, Dead, Dead
05 – Carol of the Bells
06 – The Lonely Jew On Christmas
07 – I Saw Three Ships
08 – It Happened In Sun Valley
09 – O Tannenbaum
10 – Christmas Time in Hell
11 – What The Hell Child Is This
12 – Santa Claus Is On His Way
13 – Swiss Colony Beef Log
14 – Hark The Herald Angels Sing
15 – Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
16 – The Most Offensive Song Ever
17 – We Three Kings
18 – Christmas Medley with Jesus & Santa
19 – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
20 – Twelve Days of Christmas
Bonus – Circle of Poo

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