TSURURADIO Presents…. A new Contest AND Vapours by Islands on Vinyl!!!

Illustration by Clinton Reno

Man, what a big week last week! As you probably know, we presented our 35 Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums of 2009 (as well as a few honourable mentions) and it was a huge success, not just from all the wonderful comments here, on the twitters and the facebooks, and in a few emails, but also that, because of you, we were the #3 blog in the entire Elbows aggregated universe!


Considering they follow 3,740 music blogs, all I can say is THANK YOU!!! So so much!!

Now, that wasn’t the only thing that happened before today on TSURURADIO, as you may have noticed, we are now 7.58% bigger!!! Yep, this weekend, I expanded our sidebar by 50 pixels to 200 pixels, taking TSURURADIO from 660 pixels wide to 710! WOO! Finally a bit of breathing room over there. Been wanting to do it for forever, but the problem was the “buttons” over there, being mostly squares, going to 200 pixels meant really big squares, and that’s no good. I knew it would require new buttons, which frankly, I just didn’t think I had the time to mess with.

In comes a stomach bug…

Yep, Friday night through all of Saturday, my stomach was a wreck, so stuck in physical inactivity, I made the stretch over there. What do you think? Granted, it’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting there, but I need your help and here’s where we get to our latest…

Button Illustration Contest!!!
(I’m always with the pomp & circumstance, I know)

Okay, here it goes. You see the “MORE FUN” section over there to your right, specifically the vinyl & interviews buttons?

Yeah, those are just quick fixes. I would much rather use illustrations like the tsuruloosie & songs from impending leaks buttons, so it, you know, all kinda goes together! So here’s what you need to do…

  1. Draw by hand/illustrator/mixed media/whatever a squarish-shaped — doesn’t have to be a perfect square, but if you don’t do a square, go more “landscape” shaped vs. “profile”, okay? — a graphic for interviews AND/OR vinyl posts. Go to the tsuruloosie & songs from impending leaks posts to see how they will be used.
  2. Upload it to your favourite uploading place, http://www.imageshack.us is a solid standard, but twitter/twitpic, facebook, email, etc, etc, are all good.
  3. Make sure I get it (I’ll reply to you via the method you reach out to me).
  4. DO THIS BY 12/18!!!!

That’s right, get your entries in by Friday, 12/18. Winner for the best button will win this original Clinton Reno Octopus on a Scooter 11 x 17 print!!!

Runner-up (i.e. the best illustration of the other button) will get a free TSURUFOTO print from my inventory!!!

Everyone all clear what to do and when to do it by???? Good. Now, hop to it!!


So… with that, as a little musical motivation, I present part of our latest vinyl rip! This time it’s our No. 5 album of 2009, Vapours by Islands! I’ve already written about this album enough times between the song leaks, the album write-up itself, and then the mini-blip on Thursday, so let’s keep this short.

Incredibly fun & quirky yet dark synthy pop, split up (for some reason) over 2 LPs. As always, I left in all the snap, crackle, pop, and needle drops as what we are sharing is not just an album posted on the internet, but this is the album as I listened to it, I’m sharing the way it sounded in my ears Saturday morning, as the Vapours worked to try to soothe my rumbling tummy.

BUT… because it’s an oh-niner, it’s a bit too new to put it all here, so if you want to hear sides B, C, & D you are going to have to join up with our beloved community (links over on our 200 pixel sidebar). But until then, for now, for here…

Vapours by Islands on Vinyl!!!

Side A
1 Switched On
2 No You Don’t
3 Vapours
4 Devout

Side B
1 Disarming The Car Bomb
2 Tender Torture
3 Shining

Side C
1 On Foreigner
2 Heartbeat
3 The Drums

Side D
2 Everything Is Under Control

Always, Islands ARE forever, baby! Here’s a bit o’ link love…
Myspace | Official | Label

Tsuru And The Bride | Etsy | Society | Facebook | Twitter

3 comments for “TSURURADIO Presents…. A new Contest AND Vapours by Islands on Vinyl!!!

  1. bryon
    December 7, 2009 at 2:30 PM

    vinyl to mp3? wheres the flac?

  2. Tsuru
    December 7, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    Hey bryon, I get that alot…

    I'm an audiophile, but only in the since that I just love music, ha! I don't mess with flac, too big, don't care to deal with making them work on my various players of choice I have and besides, my aging ears and less than top of the line equipment makes for bottle necks that messing with flacs is really kinda pointless.

    Besides….. I'm sharing my record listening experience, which is why I don't ever remove any snaps, crackles, pops, and even leave the needle dropping noises in. You heard what I heard when I listened, that kinda thing. Cheesy, I'm sure, and a bit Zen new-agey, I guess, but I think it's kinda cool.

    Man, the best example was how the In The Aeroplane Over The Sea rip came out. In the end, in my pressing, there is a wave of LP noise that starts to wash over Jeff, overtaking him at the very end as he puts his guitar down "for good". Completely unique. Love it. Nothing was loss going listening as an mp3.

    So, I'll leave the flacs to the "hardcore audiophiles" who I believe sometimes spend much more time, much more money, and much more energy trying to pull every ounce of fun out of listening to a record.

    So listen to the rip, have lots of fun, then go buy the record! I'd LOVE to hear your rip! I really would! We'd be having like internet-LP-sex! lol!

    Cheers, my friend!

  3. Bryon
    December 7, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    I dig it!

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