Jeezy creezy, what a busy weekend, a new website, and new music with Measure by Field Music? DANG! I got your Monday right here!!! points to crotch

Photography by Angelica Minier

Heyo! Happy Monday! Man o’ man, what a weekend! First up, photography & tumblr! As you may have notice, yesterday I announced here that TSURUFOTO Tumblr is up and running, nothing but instant mobile photography and tiny inspirations & whatnots, right?

Well, if you clicked over, you’d have seen a few “during the photoshoot” instant shots from Saturday’s shoots! I did an Overdose shoot (very cool, photos to come on dA) and shot Olivia with her hot vintage-styled Schwinn cruiser! Very fun & busy day! Got one print up on Etsy if you feel inclined to show a little love & moneys our way! Speaking of, sold a print this weekend, need to ship that bad boy STAT!

As if rockin’ the tumblr, taking photos, sellin’ prints, etc, wasn’t enough, about a week ago I bought a domain that I couldn’t BELIEVE wasn’t taken yet and as of yesterday, with a group of friends (and fellow bloggers), it was officially launched! So, I’m proud to introduce to you today, our newest fun little blog….

bears retweeting!!!

Just a group of us bear retweeting tweets that bear retweeting! Easy peasy!!!

Clever, eh?

We ARE recruiting though, so if you are a twitter junkie who loves finding randon/interesting/funny/stupid/cool/etc tweets & twitpics that, well, bear retweeting, pop me an email or contact me via twitter (of course). But even if you don’t want to blog (understandable, trust me), but you see a tweet or twitpic that really does bear retweeting, send it my way!!!


As if that wasn’t enough for a weekend, now that voting on our community’s Most Awesomest Communitastic Albums of 2009 has closed…

I have tallied up our votes, built the first draft of the mixtape, and I’m preparing for a presentation this week! Probably Thursday, so KEEP AN EYE OUT!!! A great mix of artists made it, maybe even a surprise or two for you more grumpy grinches out there…

And you thought we were done with 2009???


Anyway, that’s Thursday and it’s not Thursday, it’s Monday, and what better way to start off a Monday than with some new music? NONE! THERE IS NO BETTER WAY! Bite your damn tongue!

Fortunately for you & me, we had a sweet & much anticipated (for my sorry ass anyway) album leak out onto the intertubal cyber love machines, Measure by Field Music!

Love this band, they are so tight & technically brilliant, it just falls right into my happy indie-prog place. Quirky rhythms, sweet melodies, and, in this case, a double album? Sweet biscuits. It’s a lot to take in, admittedly, and sure, with any double album, you’ll have a few reviews that will call out this and that as filler, “but there’s enough good material here for a solid single album” or some such nonsense (I don’t know how many rags in all my music obsessed years have claimed that for any & all double albums).

All I know is I’ve got 20 wonderful songs that offer more in each than most bands can slap together in a full 12 track album! To me, it’s got a near-80’s British prog feel to it, whatever hell that means (I swear, my brain, it comes up with strange descriptions at times). I guess what I mean to say, it’s got that sound as the great prog bands of the 70s were trying to find their way in the early 80s, shortening their songs, grabbing some new technology, and ultimately creating 3-5 minute pop songs that still managed to jam some unusual rhythms, melodies, and themes in the relatively tiny time frame.

But…. I could just be mis-remembering my youth. Regardless, enjoy!

01 “In the Mirror”
02 “Them That Do Nothing”
03 “Each Time Is A New Time”
04 “Measure”
05 “Effortlessly”
06 “Clear Water”
07 “Lights Up”
08 “All You’d Ever Need To Say”
09 “Let’s Write A Book”
10 “You And I”
11 “The Rest Is Noise”
12 “Curves Of The Needle”
13 “Choosing Numbers”
14 “The Wheels Are In Place”
15 “First Come The Wish”
16 “Precious Plans”
17 “See You Later”
18 “Something Familiar”
19 “Share The Words”
20 “It’s About Time”

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