Guest Writer Hollie Presents… Kate Bush Is A Goddess!

Today we present another post from a guest writer from our beloved communities found in Our Society, on the Facebooks, and in the Twitter. There can be no other blogger as proud as I am of the music lovers that make up our communities… Constantly amazed at how lucky I am! What about you? Got an album you are just dying to talk about, a show you saw, a mixtape you’ve been aching to share? Come on in, hang out with us, and let’s see what we can do! But for now, it’s my dear friend Hollie’s turn again as…

Hollie Presents… Kate Bush Is A Goddess!

Now I own my mother’s Kate Bush’ The Whole Story album. The one me and my little sis used to dance to when we were young. We got the angry-mom-look when we jumped a little too hard on the wood floor, coming down from an epic twirl and mistakenly skipping the record. Back then I didn’t know if I liked Kate Bush. It was played and it moved me to dance. That’s the way it is with children. They dance to what they are provided with.

Little did I realize how much Kate would mean to me later in life. There were artists Mom and Dad listened to, that I don’t really like now. But Kate is one of the singers that holds a very special place in my heart-not only for the nostalgia but more importantly for the music. When I hear the opening chords of “Don’t Give Up” I feel a piece of my heart melt away. In a good way, of course. In such a perfect way.

“Don’t Give Up”-Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel

One thing I don’t understand is how Kate admits to disliking her own voice. I know the majority of people agree with her. But I find Kate’s voice reminiscent of a woodland fairy or something awesome like that. It is unmistakeably her own, and could never be compared to another. I still don’t understand how she can reach such high notes.

Kate holds a power, mystery and confidence that will always floor me. With experience in dance, she can emote overwhelming beauty with a simple twirl, pose or movement. All of the video choreography is her own, and holds just as much importance to her as the music does. Check out the way she fits her head into the side of the bass at 1:20…(epic)

My fav album covers

Little Catherine (pics taken by her brother)

Big Kate, being awesome

Her most important video would have to be Wuthering Heights. It was made when she was just 19 years old. Such a genius.

The dark and sexy “Running Up That Hill”

Now for some tracks…

Kate Bush – Man With The Child In His Eyes
Kate Bush – Oh To Be In Love
Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love
Kate Bush – Rocket Man

Other songs you NEED are…

The Kick Inside
Rubberband Girl
Army Dreamers
This Womans Work
England My Lionheart

and the list goes on.

I hope you loved getting to know Kate Bush all over again, or for the first time. She is an enchanted and special lady-an artist any music lover should know. On my way out I’d like to leave you with a video of Kate showing us her favorite vegetarian dishes…

Some Kate Bush Link Love…
Official | Fan Page

Thank you so much again Hollie!!! As always, a wonderful write up… Now as we mentioned last time, Hollie isn’t just a music lover, she’s also quite the blogger, a crafty & artsy Etsian, and even a twitterererer! So, why don’t you go show her a bit of you love right here..

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