Epic battles and End Times by Eels

Photography by Tuck & myself


That’s the only word to describe the battle war last night. Epic.

It’s interesting, Tuck & I go cycling all the time, and sure, we are competitive, trying to push each, beat each other up the hill, but in the end, we have to work together to finish the route at a good speed and in a good time. That’s cycling. Yeah, it’s a racing sport, like car racing, running, even luge…

He/She with the best time wins, but we don’t really “race” each other, we just ride together and occasionally challenge each other.

But racquetball is a racquet/paddle one vs. one (or in doubles, two vs. two) sport. Like tennis, ping-pong, volley ball, wallyball, squash, and that one where you hit a “birdie” over the net with the wimpiest looking racquets designed by a human… my job is to beat my opponent, in this case, my buddy. Different dynamic, one where you’re never sure how it will go until it actually goes.

Oh, and “go’ed” it did.

After a little warming up & guessing some final details on the rules of serving, it was “go time”. The blue (actually green) ball was flying, bouncing off the walls, with our racquets swatting as if we were being attacked by a horde of flies and our flyswatter was our only defense!

I quickly remembered something about racquetball. You see, in cycling, you pedal, round and round in nice even little circles, one motion, thousands of times. Something like as illustrated in Figure 1.

Where as in racquetball, it goes more like in Figure 2:

And when you zoom out Figure 2, it looks a little like this:

Where you ultimately crash into the wall running at top speed & still lose the point (which happened to me… ouch).

So, with atrophied leg muscles suddenly called into duty, we played on & hard. The first game was close at first, a little back and forth, but suddenly I had a good run and was able to pull away from Tuck. He made me work for it though, but eventually game one ended:

Tucker 15
Me 21
Game 1: Tsuru aka Aaron aka ME!

Pride & ego spilled from my head as I confidently handed him the ball for game 2. Loser serves. Then BLAMO! Loser served indeed!!! Before I knew it I was getting my ass kicked as Tuck discovered a devastating serve that left me baffled and awkwardly swatting at the air that I had hoped would contain the stupid rubber ball! I got my shit together long enough to get some points, but was still down 20 to 17. I held off, got close, but ultimately game two ended:

Tucker 22
Me 20
Game 2: Tucker aka not me.

Exhausted, but still time remaining on the court, it would come down to a shortened tie-breaker game. A sudden death, of sorts, to 11 points. I was too tired to fuck around and loser serves so I was up. BLAMO! Nothing but stalemate at 1 to 1, 2 to 2, back and forth, neither of us getting much by way of points. But then it happened. I got a couple points and a small lead at 5 to 3. It was something to work off and a few plays later, it was 9 to 3.

Tuck is never one to give up, so after a screw up or two on my side and a ball-destroying hits on his end, he got a few more points and I knew it was either end it now or potentially fall to pieces. If only it was that easy as it took a number of plays or whatever they are called before the game finally ended.

Tucker 5
Me 11
Game 3: ME!
Match: Tsuru aka Aaron aka ME!!


Woo! Great games, great match, can’t wait for the rematch (aka the next really shitty weather day where we can’t ride).

So, this morning I wake up hurting, all over (of course). Muscles that thought they would never be used again as long as I can ride a bike are all in a sad teary-eyed ache today. Sad sight indeed. Fortunately I’ve got End Times by Eels to soothe this aching body.

And man, it’s perfect for what ails me. Apparently their “divorce album”, the tone is somber, much like the dude on the cover. Caked with sadness and potential gloom, but not to the point of being overly-dramatic & contrived, more like just simply reflecting on “what was”. It’s at times touching and other times just really beautiful. The whole thing plays out like watching one of those old 8mm reel (or however many millimeters it used to be (sorry, we couldn’t afford that shit when I was a kid)) home movies.

Really nice. Enjoy the first few songs, plus the video for “In My Younger Days”, I’ve got a body to ice and fill with Advil….

1. The Beginning
2. Gone Man
3. In My Younger Days

4. Mansions of Los Feliz
5. A Line In The Dirt
6. End Times
7. Apple Trees
8. Paradise Blues
9. Nowadays
10. Unhinged
11. High and Lonesome
12. I Need a Mother
13. Little Bird
14. On My Feet

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2 comments for “Epic battles and End Times by Eels

  1. Amelia
    December 17, 2009 at 3:42 AM

    Ahhhh love it. Blinking Lights changed my life. And this sounds amazing. Gotta go get it (just as soon as I get money again–drat being self-employed).

  2. adventurerneil
    December 17, 2009 at 4:21 AM

    Can't wait for it to come out. Little Bird is epic.

    Gotta get Hombre Lobo, too.

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