Cycling, curling, & racquetball, you know, the popular sports, & The Unimaginative Body by Golden Ghost

Photography via Laredo Community College

You know I love riding my bicycle. Alot. I ride all the time, rainy, sunny, cold, hot, everything in between. It makes me happy, even when it is physically quite uncomfortable. But, I’m no one trick pony, it has always been my burning desire to dominate in three wildly popular sports. So, besides cycling, I’ve also participated in a season of curling a couple years back. Granted, we only won one game the entire season, and yes, I did fall on the stone while sweeping once (really painful), but I think I was actually pretty decent at it, especially when you take in account that I’m a native Floridian and the first time I saw snow was in my 20s, I think I did pretty decent indeed.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Cycling? Curling? Is it possible with both these huge sports under your belt to dominate the holy grail of popular sports, completing the trifecta with one bouncy blue ball and a couple shortened racquets (and even shorter shorts).

Yep, I believe I can.

A couple years back, I was a blue ball smacking force to be reckoned with… my youthful coworkers, young fit “triathlete” types would bow down to my indoor wooden floored court skills! Yes, my friends, I brought the heat.

Well, tonight, the heat will rise again as Tuck (who apparently minored in racquetball back in college) and I will battle each other for court king! It will be epic. It will be gutwrenching. And with our lack of proper attire, it will dorktastic.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the story! Who knows, maybe one day I can aspire to be the next Jim White…

A man can dream, right?

Speaking of dreaming, there’s something dreamy about The Unimaginative Body by Golden Ghost.

No, not dreamy pop dreamy, more like you can tell she’s a bit of dreamer, maybe more of a day dreamer, in a geeky kinda way. I don’t know, I think I lost the awesome segue from racquetball to Golden Ghost. Damn. I had it, right in my grasp! Oh well.

Musically, it’s subtle, sometimes a little folky, sometimes (like on “Pried Up The Bark”) almost Fiona Apple-esque, but always beautiful. I saw this write up on her label, and it seemed like an exceptionally nice way to describe the ablum:

“Goetz’ music is addictive, yet surprisingly dissimilar to typical “pop” songs. Rhapsodic in structure, her music often has dramatic stress and meter fluctuations, unpredictable key changes, and tantalizing discord. Goetz fuses catchy melodies, which can reoccur from song to song, delivered with technically complex electric guitar playing. “

Yeah, I like that.

I think one of my favourite parts is during “Plain Sight” where she sings with herself, I was going to write “harmonizes with herself”, but that’s not really what’s going on. It gives it a very homemade feel, making the song (and really the whole album) seem more organic & real.

Check out the first few songs, then go buy the rest. Perfect for this cool cloudy day.

1. When Worlds Collide (Moonscape #1)
2. Pried Up The Bark
3. Plain Sight
4. If You Are In Love Then Why Are You Asleep?
5. Milarepa (Moonscape #2)
6. Small Metal Objects
7. A Visit
8. Russet, Citrine, Olive & Black
9. Rogue Scientist (Moonscape #3)
10. Pea & Primrose
11. J.C.: Polyps Against Passion

Some Golden Ghost Link Love…
Myspace | | | Label | Amazon mp3s $7.99!

And some tour info… Damn, she’s busy!!!

Mon 14 Dec Arizona?
Tue 15 Dec New Mexico?
Wed 16 Dec Texas?
Thu 17 Dec Okalahoma?
Fri 18 Dec Kansas?
Sat 19 Dec Missouri?
Sun 20 Dec Toledo, OH @ TBA
Mon 21 Dec Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
Tue 22 Dec Buffalo, NY @ TBA
Sat 26 Dec Binghamton, NY @ TBA

Thu 14 Jan Lisbon, Portugal
Fri 15 Jan Madrid, Spain
Sat 16 Jan Barcelona, Spain
Sun 17 Jan Mareille, France
Mon 18 Jan Genoa/Milano, Italy
Tue 19 Jan Udine, Italy
Wed 20 Jan TBA, Austria
Thu 21 Jan Vienna, Austria
Fri 22 Jan Brno, Czech
Sat 23 Jan Prague, Czech
Sun 24 Jan Dresden, Germany
Mon 25 Jan Jena, Germany
Tue 26 Jan Weimar, Germany
Wed 27 Jan Liepzig, Germany
Thu 28 Jan Berlin, Germany
Fri 29 Jan Hamburg, Germany
Sat 30 Jan Copenhagen, Denmark
Sun 31 Jan Goteborg, Sweden
Mon 1 Feb Stockholm, Sweden
Tue 2 Feb Oslo, Norway
Wed 3 Feb Arhus, Denmark
Thu 4 Feb Bremen, Germany
Fri 5 Feb Munster, Germany
Sat 6 Feb Koln, Germany
Sun 7 Feb Aachen, Germany
Mon 8 Feb Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tue 9 Feb Brussels, Belgium
Wed 10 Feb Amiens, France
Thur 11 Feb Paris, France

Fri 12 Feb London, UK
Sat 13 Feb Brighton, UK @ Marlborough Theatre
Sun 14 Feb Bristol, UK @ Cube Cinema
Mon 15 Feb Oxford, UK
Tue 16 Feb Leicester, UK
Wed 17 Feb Nottingham, UK
Thu 18 Feb Manchester, UK @ The Art Of Tea (Didsbury)
Fri 19 Feb Liverpool, UK
Sat 20 Feb Sheffield, UK
Sun 21 Feb Leeds, UK
Mon 22 Feb York, UK @ City Screen Basement
Tue 23 Feb Durham, UK
Wed 24 Feb Newcastle, UK
Thu 25 Feb Edinburgh, UK
Fri 26 Feb Aberdeen, UK
Sat 27 Feb Glasgow, UK

IRELAND – March 2010:
Wed 3 Belfast, UK
Thu 4 Dublin, IE
Fri 5 Cork, IE
Sat 6 Galway, IE

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