TSURURADIO Presents… My Name Is Weezer Mixtape!!!

Photography by Tsuru
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Model: Sam Voyd

Hi all! Did you have a good weekend? Lots o’ bike riding and Halloweening I hope? Nice… Outside of riding my ass off this weekend (literally, after about 100 chilly miles, my ass feels like it wants to secede from the union) it was a relatively quiet weekend. Baby getting featured on Etsy meant she was a metallic leather factory all weekend, so I busied myself working on photos and mixtapes!


Ooo.. Speaking of photography, guess what?! I’ve been hired to shoot the Cleveland burlesque troop Le Femme Mystique Burlesque!

Should be a blast, lots to prep and get ready for…. lots of ideas, need to get them all organized.

But that’s later this month, and as you know, we like to think about the “nows” of things here on TSURURADIO and if you were on the Facebooks or the Twitters or down in our beloved Society you’d already been listening to and partying with today’s special little feature, a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW WEEZER MIXTAPE! WHEEE!

Yep. We took songs from EVERY album and even a couple favourite B-sides, mixed them all together, and created, what I believe to be, a fun rockin’ Weezery good time!

Now, to all you Weezer purists music snobs who only listen to Blue, Pinkerton and a few good B-sides.. LISTEN UP!

You may scoff, laugh, and roll your eyes at this mixtape, and that’s fine, I know the idea of anything from Maladroit, let alone Red and Raditude, on this mixtape completely invalidates me as a “Weezer fan” and “lover of good music”. I’m cool with that, if I was here for cool points, this would be a Animal Collective mixtape or something.

Look, this isn’t meant to be a “best of” mixtape — hell you won’t even find their arguably best song, “Across The Sea” on here — no, this is just Weezer, the good, the bad, and nothing but the fun. So, tell you what… Grab it, go into your room, close the curtains, shut the shutters, lock the door, get your air guitar and good headphones, turn your air amp up to 11, push play, and just let it all go….

I promise… I won’t tell anyone.


My Name Is Weezer Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)


Here’s the first few songs to get you going, but just the first few songs. It IS a major label band afterall…

01 Intro – Tired Of Sex
02 Perfect Situation
03 (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
04 Dope Nose
05 Undone (The Sweater Song)
06 The Good Life
07 If You Want It (Photograph)
08 Mykel And Carli
09 Slob
10 No Other One
11 Buddy Holly
12 The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
13 Let’s Sew Our Pants Together
14 Mad Kow
15 Miss Sweeney
16 Beverly Hills
17 Tripping Down The Freeway
18 Lullaby For Wayne
19 Troublemaker
20 Simple Pages
21 Falling For You
22 The Other Way
23 I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
24 Hash Pipe
25 Devotion
26 Dreamin’
27 December

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