This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On by The Minor Leagues…

Photography “Mojo Rising” by jonmmmayhem
To see the photo Mojo shot from atop the couch, go here (Not100%SFW)

Well, what do you know…. it’s Friday. Huh. Go figure. Whacha doin’ this weekend? Me? Besides riding my bicycle on my quest to make to 6,000 miles before the end of the year — I’m just over 5,000 miles, and with just under 6 weeks left, that means I need to do over 170 miles a week! Oh man… For posterity, I took a quick twitpic of the bike officially turning over to 5,000 miles:

Click it to enlarge… You can juuuust make out the 5000.0, woot!

But yeah, besides some riding and organizing some upcoming photoshoots for our Women & Their Bicycles (more super awesome series title TBD), it’ll be spent getting in some sweet husband/wife time with Baby and working on our Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009 list with Accompanying Mixtape!!!

Man, what a tough year to evaluate. My “short list” is well over 30 albums long! On the positive note, I think I’ve figured out album of the year and maybe even the top 5. But the other 9 or 11 or 12 or whatever fits on the mixtape, man…. it’s tough.

Add into all that that 2009 just keeps on rolling! I mean take today’s feature, This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On by The Minor Leagues..

Eh? You like that transition? Smooooooooth……..

Now, to be honest, I bought this album pretty blind, something I rarely do anymore thanks to the leaky intertubes, but in this case, the good folks at Data Was Lost popped into and announce it’s arrival with this description…

RE: The Minor Leagues (RIYL: Beulah, PAS/CAL, Architecture In Helsinki, New Pornographers)

(Already my ears perked up)

Hey guys – we’re releasing a new album by The Minor Leagues this week, a pretty fantastic kitchen-sink indie-pop rock opera called ‘This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On’.
In fact, I personally guarantee it to be the least ‘cool’ record you will hear this year. I keep having to use Dexys Midnight Runners as a reference point in talking about it..

Yeah, you see why I was curious right? Those are some of my favourite bands, add in “kitchen-sink indie-pop rock pera” and then the album art, and well, that’s pretty damn awesome, so I checked out the two songs up on the site and BLAMO, a paypal transaction later, I’ve got a CD on the way! WOOT!

Now, being the impatient type, I didn’t really want to wait around for a CD to wrap my ears on this thing, so an email and a zip file later, I had this thing playing it’s sweet masterful hook-laden pop all up and down my business. Due to mixtapes, priorities, and overall moods and feelings, and eventhough one of their songs appeared on the mixtape that we presented with our Veronica Charnley of Flotilla fame interview, it’s only now on this beautiful and partly sunny mid/late November day that we were ready to jibber on about it’s goodness.

I have to agree with Data Was Lost on this one, Beulah & New Pornographers would be quite proud to include this as part of their own discography, it’s saccharine sweet on the surface, but with a yummy, hardier, chewy Starburst center to it that with each chew, just keeps bursting your mouth with it’s deliciously fruit flavour!

Man, suddenly I reeeeally want a Starburst.

You know what I loved/love/will do? Eat the Starburst, one by one, of course, until you get to the last four, one of each flavour…. You unwrap all four, stack ’em & press ’em together a little so they create a citrus rainbow wad of sorts, then shove the whole damn thing in your mouth and CHEW, DAMMIT, CHEW!!!!

It’s like a grand finale to a fireworks show, pow, pow, boom, pow, P-POW-BOOM-P-POW-POW-BOOM-BOOOOOM!!!!! Oh man, as a kid, at the laundromat with my mom & sis, “pwning” Joust, with that oral explosion going on? Wow. Now THAT’S a memory.

So, tell you what… let’s go get a pack of Starburst, drop a fresh quarter in the Joust machine, turn up This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On to, oh let’s say, 10 and just enjoy life for a little while!

01 . Midlife Crisis At 25
02 . This Night Started Out Like Any Other Night
03 . A Chance Encounter (In Cincinnati Tonight)
04 . Until Then
05 . Projections Of A Person
06 . Travel Agent
07 . Elsewhere
08 . Little Angel
09 . Good Boys
10 . Lost In Ex-Lives
11 . The Love That Never Was

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1 comment for “This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On by The Minor Leagues…

  1. Zay
    November 24, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    everytime i read that title i think of brand new's "play crack the sky"
    "This story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear"

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