The TSURURADIO Community Presents… the bear Jack’s Distraction Mixtape!!!

Photography by the bear Jack

A distraction, that’s what I need. Work’s a distraction, but of the wrong kind. So much new music is a distraction, but is it what I want to be distracted by? A distraction, the bear Jack’s distraction.. it’s just what I needed.

Thanks tbJ, so much.

The TSURURADIO Presents…
the bear Jack’s Distraction Mixtape
(Full Zip)

Side A
1. Dan Friel – Ghost Town Pt. 1
2. Ganglians – Blood on the Sand [vinyl rip]
3. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk – Eating with Horses
4. Women – Group Transport Hall
5. Comet Gain – Love Without Lies

Side B
6. Essie Jain – Here We Go
7. Jim Flynn – Smokescreen A Capella Techno Blues
8. Old Canes – Little Bird Courage
9. Shaky Hands – World’s Gone Mad
10. Diane Cluck – Monte Carlo

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