The TSURURADIO Community Presents… Grafista’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside Mixtape!!!

Photography by Karin

Well, if there is one thing that my little head cold, the chilly weather, and all the colourful leaves now wet and laying on the ground in my yard tells me… it’s that 1) you CAN’T “beat” a cold with extra quantities of wine, coffee, and cycling and 2) Fall is in full force.

I love Fall, it’s unpredictable weather and all. Yeah, I may complain that it’s too cold too early, but that’s only because I wasn’t ready to put on winter gear yet when riding my bike! But deep down, once I adjust, I love it. I loved this Saturday’s wet, dirty, and windy 45 and then Sunday’s chilly, sunny, and absolutely stunning country-side 55 out to Granville. The frosty mornings, the darker nights, the smell of wood burning here and there, the since of cheer from people as we head into the trinity of holidays with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and finally the December religious ones.

Now for your favourite little community, TSURURADIO, there’s only two ways to capture Fall that make since, photography and, of course, mixtapes. Scroll back up and you’ll see that Karin’s got the photography covered, but it’s our very own Grafista, yeah THIS Grafista, who brought the heat — well, maybe not the heat, more like the cold — with what is an absolutely lovely mixtape.

So, load this one up, cozy on in by the fire, and nurse that sore throat with some hot soup and enjoy as…

The TSURURADIO Community Presents…
Grafista’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

01 Intro
02 Cold Wind :: Arcade Fire
03 The Warmest Part Of Winter :: Voxtrot
04 Ice Cold Ice :: The Go Find
05 Winter Sun :: Rah Rah
06 I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm :: Billie Holiday
07 The Fox In The Snow :: Belle & Sebastian
08 A Hazy Shade Of Winter :: Simon & Garfunkel
09 Winter’ 05 :: Ra Ra Riot
10 Baby It’s Cold Outside :: Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone
11 Fallen Snow :: Au Revoir Simone
12 Wisconsin :: Bon Iver
13 Heavy Snow :: Julie Doiron
14 Next Season :: Port O’Brien
15 Outro

Hear something you’re digging? Well, get on yer jacket and head over to your local record store! Duh.

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