Spirit Guides by Evening Hymns & giving thanks where thanks is due…

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I’m not a man of traditions, or a traditional man. Sure, I’ve got my rituals and routines, just like everyone else, but I’ve never been one to build my year or life or whatever around that many repeating events. One man’s Thanksgiving is another man’s Thursday, it’s just by the luck of the draw that this consciousness happened to come about in the states. I could’ve just as easily been popped out a relatively short distance north and then my Thankgiving would’ve been last month, you know?

Same is true with Christmas, yeah, sure, born of the Judeo-Christian mindset, but it’s just something created by someone else a long while back that we are now supposed to spend 2 months (if not more) getting “ready for”?

But hey, I do love the days off and the excuse to give and receive presents. That’s always nice. They can call it “Shit on yer dog day” and if I got the day off and possibly got a new cycling jersey, well, I’d be in!

Oh hey….. Speaking of a new bike jersey, remember the Tour De Cure back in June, where you helped us raise over $1,300 dollars to fight diabetes and I had to ride 100 miles on my bike?? Well, guess what I got in the mail a good 5 1/2 months later….. my Tour de Cure jersey! WOOT! And, as a small — very small — show of thanks, here’s a horrible mobile phone photo of me “rocking” it yesterday for about 40 miles!

Oh yeah…. bringin’ da sexy.


Well, it ain’t pretty, but I wear it because & for you guys. It was a long while back, but thank you so much. Here’s to next year’s TdC as well as, if I can get my shit together, maybe a Tsuru Tsycling ride???

Shocked? Don’t be… Idea’s just marinating for now. More on that come Spring, I hope.

But anyways… back to traditions, and sticking with the “thanks” theme we just started. It IS Thanksgiving-ish here in the states, so instead of dry turkey, creepy uncles, and judging aunts, I think I’d like to spend the next few moments or so giving a little thanks where all the thanks is due…

First is YOU. Yeah, you, our dear readers, thank you so much for clicking here when there are so many blogs much better than mine in this great big intertubal hypersystem of ours. Thanks for hanging out and playing along, for all your kind comments & emails & general awesomeness. Without you, I’d be talking to myself, and according to my Baby & our cat Mushaboom, I do that too much as it is….

Of course, thanks to Baby for being ridiculously supportive, as well as ALL our friends & family out there in Realworldland. Nothing but love here…

To all our friends in our community, and on the facebook & twitters, not only is it fun hanging out with you, being all music geeky and freaky, but you guys have provide sooo much content to this little site-a-roni, that we’d be a sad little music blog if it weren’t for all of you! And also thanks for being one of the most fun, easy going, and ego/elitist-free groups of music lovers anywhere. How we accomplished that feat? How we were, for example, able to have a civil dialogue of the Vampire Weekend hype or the Weezer rad-tastic (sniff) new album is beyond me…. pretty damn special.

Last, but by no means least, to all the sites out in Internetland that have shown us love via write-ups, links, blogrolls, aggregation, or just a quick little comment…. Thank you. Because of you, we are almost a legitimate music site! Now, if only I could quit with the photography & cycling, maybe get on board with some of them remixes floating around, get off the google search blacklist, rename the site something that people can spell AND pronounce, and maybe shut the hell up a bit more, I could possibly be the biggest blog on the whole intertubindoobin! Hmmm… Maybe next year.

Ah, one more thing to be thankful for….. the no-brainer I almost forgot. The reason for the season… The music. Thank you wonderful artist all around the world for persevering in an ever-increasing commoditization of your career of choice. It’s near impossible to “make it” and even if you do, “making money” is even less probable, yet, you still keep putting out amazing albums, locking yourselves in cabins, building collectives, getting inspired by the huge and the mundane, and basically making life wonderful for the rest of us. Thank you. We ALL owe you so much of what we are just because of what you make, and that’s pretty special.

And with that, well, we got a new album to talk about, some more Canucks with the Arts & Craft folks, Spirit Guides by Evening Hymns!

Perfect for a very unmotivated, overcast, and chilly day. To me, it’s an autumny, grey album, understated in the way it delivers each Canadian-nature-loving track. Understated, but still full fleshed out songs, well, except “November 1st 2008, Lakefield, Ontario”, which is just an audio recording of rain (which I’m TOTALLY going to use on a mixtape or two or three, I’m sure).

Beautiful album that compliments my sense of “wrapping up” I have about 2009. Building best of mixtapes & lists, weather looking to snow, holiday days off kicking in at work, all that stuff that signals “the end of a year” are ramping up in high gear, and this album plays to me like the closing credits. Yeah.

Enjoy and, once again….. THANK YOU!!!!!

1. Lanterns
2. Dead Deer
3. Mtn. Song
4. Mazinaw Lake
5. Broken Rifle
6. Tumultuous Sea
7. Cedars
8. November 1st 2008, Lakefield, Ontario
9. History Books

Some Evening Hymns Link Love…
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Ah… and a couple shows for you lucky Canadians:

* Wed Nov 25 2009 – 08:00 PM
with the wooden sky
Joliette, QC @ L’Interlude

* Thu Nov 26 2009 – 09:00 PM
with the wooden sky
Quebec City, QC @ L’Agitee

* Fri Nov 27 2009 – 09:00 PM
with the wooden sky
Wakefield, QC @ The Black Sheep Inn

* Sat Nov 28 2009 – 09:00 PM
with the wooden sky and jenn grant
Montreal, QC @ Il Motore

* Wed Dec 2 2009 – 07:00 PM
Live In-Store at Soundscapes
Toronto, ON @ Soundscapes

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