Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris. by Martha Wainwright

Photography by Kira

Can someone explain to me why a label would release a single & a video for a hot & hyped up band like Vampire Weekend, only to hire the Web Sheriff to make sure nobody can share, hear, or watch the song or video, unless going through, I imagine, some “approved source”, wherever the hell that is….

I thought Vampire Weekend & their label are trying to ride last year’s hype with some 09 hype to carry and convert into 2010 hype to get people to care about their new album? You know… marketing. Why shut down what you, yourself, are releasing? I get shutting down non-released tracks from the album, of course, you want people to buy the album to hear those, makes sense, but “Cousins” is their new little song, don’t you want me to hear it?

So the cracked legal team at Web Sheriff are all over Vampire’s new one — who’s the label anyway? Nevermind, I’m not going to bother to look it up or care — pulling the single off of blogs, shutting down the video on youtube, though I hear from our community that MTV still has the video, is that allowed? If so, I wonder how much they paid to have the exclusivity? I hope it paid off, got them click-throughs or whatever…


Just seems silly to me.

Fortunately Vampire Weekend isn’t really much my concern because that album won’t be rearing it’s head anytime soon (and if it did, I ain’t going to touch it, at least not until “the heat” cools down and the hype/backlash/psh-whatevers/omg-best-ever crap dissipates). So, instead, we’ll look at the albums in the now and in this case, maybe ironically, it’s an album that looks at the then with Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris, Martha Wainwright’s Édith Piaf album…

Now, I’m not even going to pretend to be a Piaf expert, or even a fan, I honestly don’t think I ever officially heard anything by her…
But according to the wiki’s she was quite the renowned & revered singer of France from apparently 1920s all the way to the 1960s…. damn. Maybe I SHOULD be checking her work out?

Regardless, the benefit of being completely ignorant about something is you can then walk into another album with a completely blank slate, meaning, for me, this is just a Martha Wainwright live album in French!


Now, the Wainwrights are Canadian, from Montreal to be more precise, so French is not something she just picked up to wing a French album, now granted, it’s Quebecois French and who knows, maybe the French from France may take up an issue with some words or inflections or whatever. No clue. If it’s anything like our good friends down south, where I learned as a young lad in Florida from a Columbian, that Columbians speak the “real Spanish”, unlike the “L-L-L” the Puerto Ricans speak, and then Mexicans, it’s all slang!

Considering my friends and co-workers were all kinds of Latinos, I was staying about as far away from that conversation as humanly possible, though to be honest, it was kind of fun to tell my friend Gustavo (a Cuban who had been jailed by Castro and escaped to the US) that Stella (the Columbian) felt her Spanish was the “correct spanish”. Oof.

Fortunately, my Mexican friends never claimed to speak the “correct Spanish”, owning up, hell, boasting of their own variation of the language, “I SPEAK MEXICAN,PENDEJO!!!”

But who speaks the “real French”? From what I hear, the Quebecois speak a more old-school French, while the France’s has evolved with slangs and various dialect infusions? Does that make one less “real” than the other? Well, I guess that’s a conversation between two linguistics to figure out and definitely beyond the scope of this humble little blog…

All I know is that Ms. Wainwright is singing French, celebrating someone elses’ work and life, in a live & very intimate sounding performance, and it’s just lovely. Her voice works with the French language and the old-school sounds perfectly! Listening, I almost feel like I’m in France in the 40s, on a rainy, overcast day, walking along cobblestones to the cafe where I’ll probably be talking about this year’s Tour De France with my good friend Bernard….

Cheesy decription? Sure. But I’m cheesy like that. Or should I say “fromagy”? Mmm…. Fromage.


1. “La Foule”
2. “Adieu Mon Cœur”
3. “Une Enfant”
4. “L’Accordéoniste”
5. “Le Brun et le Blond”
6. “Les Grognards”
7. “C’est Toujours la Même Histoire”
8. “Hudsonia”
9. “C’est à Hambourg”
10. “Non, La Vie n’est pas Triste”
11. “Soudain une Vallée”
12. “Marie Trottoir”
13. “Le Métro de Paris”
14. “Le Chant d’Amour”
15. “Les Blouses Blanches”

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