Night riding deserves a quiet night, supergroups and herbs, & Tutankamon’s self-titled gem…

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Folks who know me know that I love riding my bike in less than optimum conditions. I love riding in the rain, in the cold, and with the time change, in the dark. Love it. I’m no daredevil or anything, I just that feeling of being the only idiot out there on a bicycle, experiencing those moments, which makes them just a little bit more special for me. Friday was one of those moments.

After the Roll bike event over at Easton — where I saw Clem’s little sister! — I headed back through tons of traffic to get back to my normal commute route which, from the store, involved going up this road called Cherry Bottom Rd. I’ve been on it before, I really like it because for about 1/2 a mile maybe it’s got this nice twisty climb thing going on which is just fun to ride, but I never hit it at night.

Friday, I get to it, turning right, away from the multitude of cars starting their Friday Night Out events, and attack it. As it starts the little climb, I realize there’s no street lights, none. Plus, no cars were around and it was completely pitch dark. So, for that half-a-mile is (maybe longer, not sure), it was just me, my little light climbing a twisty road, giving me a wonderful mountain-side night time isolation feeling that was just overwhelmingly beautiful.

Think about it…. It’s not often your brain can be tricked into being on some Virginian mountain side in the middle of the night or something when you are just commuting home, you know? For those few minutes, I think I had the biggest, stupidest grin on my face.

Then, of course, with my thoughts on night riding (had another great ride last night), one of our favourite online bicycle shops Nashbar, sends an email announcing another one of their sales, this time 20% off lights, and I notice their header..

All’s well, I think, a nice sale set to some silhouettes of some night riding cycli—– Hold the phone! Look at the 2nd guy from the right. What the hell is going on there? Shit’s going down!! He’s about to get a mouthful of gravel in about 1 second! Damn Nashbar, trying to make a statement, are we? No lights equals hitting something in the road which will result in your crotch slamming into your stem (not as sexy as that sentence sounds) and going head first into the cruel cruel world in front of you?

And his buddy, the first rider from the right, completely unawares of his friend’s horrible situation & impending demise. Why? No lights there either. AHA!

Look, Nashbar, I think we all know it’s best to have a lights on our bikes at night, we may not all follow that rule at all times, but certainly the 20% OFF ANY LIGHT should be enough, no? Has the economy gotten so bad that bike shops are resulting to subtle scare tactics?

I blame the Obama administration for this.


But he’s just soooo cool.

Speaking of cool, it seems there are two trends popping up lately. Solo efforts and supergroups. From Alec Ounsworth to Julian Casablancas as just two solo examples to Jay Farrar & that Death Cab guy and Monsters Of Folk for “super” groups & collabos, needless to say, it’s been an interesting year, eh? Well, we aren’t done yet, still got about 2 months to go and I’m finally getting around to Tutankamon, a, and I quote, “Swedish indie super group that unites Peter Morén (Peter, Bjorn And John), Adam Olénius (Shout Out Louds), Daniel Värjö (The Concretes), and Niklas Korssell (The Plan)”… Wow, eh?

Supergroups are tricky dicks to manhandle — wow, that sounded much more homoerotic outloud than it did when I typed it. Anyways, put lots of EGOS put in a stew, and suddenly you can have competing flavors resulting in one nasty ass broth, OOOOOOOOOOOOR you get a bunch of herbs from your favourite recipes complimenting each other, working off each other, creating a brand-spanking new soup, that reminds you of all the great things you loved about the other dish, but give your palate something new and exciting…

Okay, that was cheesy, I must be getting hungry. Let me just finish that thought that I think we got ourselves some pretty yummy herbs with Tutankamon.

Musically, if you write it out, it doesn’t sound THAT interesting, just good rock, pop, dance-pop, garage rock, slight-alt-country, etc, etc… and on the first listen it didn’t connect-connect, but the 2nd or 3rd time through, it really started clicking. The album almost plays like a mixtape as each song has different sounds and influences making themselves heard, which I assume comes from the ‘supergroup’ component of the band. It’s a little all-over-the-place, but in a good way and never too much, keeping it’s overall aesthetic in check no matter who’s style is dominating at the moment.

Good times…. Favourite song has got to be the “Sweet Jane” by Velvet Underground inspired “Have You Ever Been In Love”. Just fun guitar riffin’ good times….. Enjoy!

01 Staring To Appreciate
02 Have You Ever Been In Love
03 It‘s No Over
04 Three Of Us
05 New Band In Town
06 Are You Sure
07 Can‘t Have This Undone
08 All The Things
09 Oh Oh Oh Oh
10 The Grown Up

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  1. Rory
    November 12, 2009 at 11:23 PM

    Yayyyyyy. This is better.

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